Hawaiian Man Claims “I Am the Real Satoshi”

Hawaiian Man Claims "I Am the Real Satoshi"

A man residing in Hawaii has proclaimed himself as Satoshi Nakatomo, the brainchild behind bitcoin, the first digital currency worldwide. 

Twitter user @btcfork found a website called Satoshinakamoto.ws which outlines some information about the supposed bitcoin creator and the virtual currency, as well as trademark copyright notice. 

“I Ronald Keala Kua Maria also known as Satoshi Nakamoto inventor of bitcoin and blockchain technology hereby affirm that all my copyrights including an equity-based electronic reserve currency peer to peer electronic cash system,” the notice stated. 

“I am the real one and only Satoshi Nakamoto — I own all the private keys, blockchains, altcoins and bitcoins under copyright law. In the event of my death, incapacitation, coma, kidnapping, detainment and or incarceration all of my copyrighted works and all related works shall no longer be used by anyone anywhere for any reason at any time subject to change without any notice at any time by Ronald Keala Kua Maria only. I hereby serve legal notice to all users of my copyrighted works to cease and desist all use of my copyrighted works breach subject to copyright infringement,” Kua Maria emphasized. 

Furthermore, the site contains a copy of the original white paper showing a document entitled “The Coin of All Coins” deciphered from the bitcoin blockchain. 

The industry becomes more interested with Kua Maria’s statements and claimed ownership of several bitcoin cash-related website domains such as thesatoshinakamoto.com, bitcoincopyrights.com, bitcoincashcopyright.com, and bchcopyright.com, among others.  

When the aforementioned sites are visited, users are redirected to Kua Maria’s URL, rkm.world, which flashes an array of pictures and interesting services which are said to be given by the RKM business akin to a “free basic income plan.” Upon checking these services, site visitors are redirected again to Satoshinakamoto.ws. 

“There are no other legal assignees or licensees of my copyrights — Any assignments or transfers are not authorized and may be fraudulent,” Kua Maria explained in his cryptic writings on the website. 

“I do not authorize any assignees or licensees — I did not publish any part of my TXu002037698 work prior to 08/17/2016 — On or about 09/20/2005 my home (address below) was raided by Federal and State authorities joint task force and my computers, laptops, files, inventions, copyrights, etc. were seized,” Kua Maria said. 

Despite his previous pronouncements, Kua Maria said individuals and entities can get in touch with him to secure a free license and copy of these notices. He added the basic income plan users may be required to pay 2 percent royalties on transactions amounting to more than $800 to pay a basic monthly income of $800 to all users subject to existing copyright law and their plan offering. 

In a separate development, there were trademark filings related to the term “Bitcoin Cash” pertaining to products and services associated with computer software licensing and online real-time currency trading, based on public documents available on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

But the May 18 filing applies to computer software licensing which was registered by Kua Maria from Hawaii. The application states Kua Maria is declaring himself as the inventor of cryptocurrency. 

Prior to the filing, Kua Maria and his mother were featured in several news items. In 2011, the mother-son tandem was accused of second-degree theft which involved phony cargo containers and the two supposedly grifted millions of dollars by deceiving Hawaiian people. Based on local accounts, the cargo container scam began in the 1970s, in which Maria started asking acquaintances to venture into bogus cargo containers.

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Satoshi Nakamoto Statue in Kiev Gains Traction

Satoshi Nakamoto Statue in Kiev Gains Traction

A plan to build a monument of Satoshi Nakamoto in Kiev, Ukraine is gaining momentum and support. 

The project intends to erect the statue of the unidentified bitcoin creator on the intersection of Khreshchatyk Street and Taras Shevchenko Boulevard in the Ukraine capital. 

The team behind this undertaking is planning to initially design a virtual Satoshi figure that will be visible through a mobile application, when the smartphone is turned towards the pedestal. Raccoon World – is a contractor , who will develop the virtual model of the monument. The idea belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto Republic project.

The virtual statue project has earned the support of Ukrainian entrepreneur Alexander Soroka, who founded investment platform Startup Network, who already pledged one bitcoin. 

They will also file a petition with the Kyiv City State Administration and obtain the necessary approvals to construct a real monument. To raise money, the team will hold crowdfunding campaign in order to build the physical structure. 

The area being targeted used to house the red Karelian stone figure of Lenin before it was taken down almost five years ago. 

Several years ago, the monument of Vladimir Lenin, the communist founder and leader of the Soviet Union, occupied the area. 

But angry protesters toppled down and destroyed the Lenin statue in December 2013, one of the memorable events during the Euromaidan protests which resulted in dramatic political changes in the European country. 

Since then, the empty space opposite the Bessarabsky Market has become a site for political expression and artwork.  

During the peak of the civil unrest in February 2014, opposition activists placed a golden toilet on the pedestal as a symbol of the rampant corruption in their troubled and divided country. 

Demonstrators alleged former President Viktor Yanukovych had gold toilets in a country estate close to the Ukraine capital, one of the many allegations against the former Ukrainian leader. 

Based on local media reports, the installation of the Satoshi statue in Kiev is part of a global campaign to erect similar monuments in different parts of the globe and subsequently create a Blockchain Republic. 

The group behind the project will be finding another location to place the symbolic figure in the event the city authorities reject their proposal. 

Previously, the city of Kranj in Slovenia inaugurated a monument dedicated to bitcoin and blockchain, a first in the world. 

A huge bitcoin logo was placed in the middle of a roundabout. Residents of the city chose its crypto theme for the effigy.

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