Zeepin Chain-A Smart Way to Help a Great Number of People In Creative Industry Commercialize Their Work

block.news Zeepin Chain-A Smart Way to Help a Great Number of People In Creative Industry Commercialize Their Work

Relevant statistics showed a positive trend of global cultural and creative industries, which contributed to $2.25 trillion in 2012, even exceeded India’s GDP ($1.9 trillion). Much to our surprise, only 30 million people have been engaging in this industry, which indicates it’s a booming market with great untapped potential and enormous value.

In recent years, blockchain technology has received widespread recognition. It’s been applied to different industries given its remarkable advantages such as distributed data storage, peer to peer transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm.

Zhu Fei, founder of Zeepin Chain, graduated from China Academy of Art and majored in digital media. Back to his college time, Zhu Fei developed a bbs community customized for users in cultural and creative industries with updated news and information. Besides, this community offered users easy access to display their designing work.

He gradually turned his hobby into career and dedicated himself to this for 15 years. With gaining more popularity, the platform began to bridge designers with proper suppliers so that their designs can be commercialized. Arting365 community created by Zhufei, extending its client base to a global scale covering 1,2 million creative users, has cooperated with more than 200 iconic brands with accomplishing over 500 significant projects(including Coca-Cola, Haier, SAIC and airlines in China).

In 2012, driven by his growing ambition, Zhu Fei expected to help more people in in cultural and creative industries to commercialize their work in a way of distributed sharing. He tried to distribute designers’ work to notary offices, law firms and copyright bureaus for protecting their intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, centralized institutions were unwilling to share information with such a small private enterprise. The project ended up with failure due to trust issues and resulted in a loss of almost 5 million yuan — a huge lesson to learn.

Zeepin, The Distributed Creative New Economy

Enlightened by blockchain technology in 2015, Zhu Fei tried to create a platform named as Zeepin with solution to issues prevailing in the creative industry. After 2 years of efforts, it gradually entered into an early stage of developments.

Designers and inventors have gone through a difficult time fighting for their copyright, which is challenging the efficiency of creative industry. Good news is that blockchain can be used as perfect solution to it. In Zeepin Chain, each designer or author who has had their right validated will receive a kind of digital asset called “Copyright Pro”, which guarantees a whole-lifecycle protection from Zeepin Chain including copyright selling, transfer, and co-creator copyright distribution. Meanwhile, Each right confirmation can be construed as right confirmation transaction recorded on the blockchain, which specifies creator’s information, copyright information and creative theme Hash.

The cultural and creative industries consist of creators, manufacturers, and consumers, each of which plays a critical role in development of the whole platform. However, there was no method for incentive mechanism to co-exist and maintain consistent. In Zeepin’s network, users can choose and participate in every link, such as investing in projects, and purchasing more ZPTs for more rights in voting.

In Zeepin community, each organisation or individual will have a reliable digital identity and be able to convert innovative resources into digital assets , which is secure and can be shared on Zeepin Chain, so as to reduce risks in trading between users and improve creation efficiency.

Zeepinchain are based on NEO public chain, at the same time, zeepin foundation’s technical team has designed and built the bottom blockchain infrastructure and business framework in a manner which will be more suitable for the Zeepin community and future applications. In this way, the Zeepin Chain database will be more suited to develop applications based on the consistency of massive data, covering credit investigation, digital copyright, anti-counterfeiting, etc. It is planned that atomic transactions on Zeepin Chain can support electronic assets, asset swaps, payments, and other functions. Meanwhile, the technical team has greatly extended functions at the protocol layer, so as to support various dApps under the name of Zeepin.

At initial stage, Zeepin Chain will focus on the development of dApps in its ecosystem, including ZeeRights:Protection and transaction of digital intellectual property rights. ZeeProof:Provide conclusive proof of copyright existence without disclosing any relevant detail. ZeeSure:Asset insurance. ZeeCreate:Decentralised design interconnection platform on Zeepin Chain. ZeeTalent:Identity authentication. ZeeFund:Crowd-funding and etc.. All these shall contribute greatly to the underlying backup for liquidity of asset in creative industry.

At the second stage, Zeepin will empower itself by getting more talents from creative industries actively involved in consolidating its ecosystem and offering them easier access to commercialize their value.

At final stage, with the ever-improving platform and upgraded technology , Zeepin shall explore more possibilities of leveraging smart work to people’s life. Zeepin Chain has cooperated with NEO in a strategic and ecological way . It plans to raise 1 billion Token, 50% of which are used for market circulation. Others shall be mainly contributed to community incentives and application upgrades.

Thanks to rewarding experience and a great number of users accumulated from the past 15 years in cultural and creative industry, Zhu Fei and his team will get one step closer to the vision of a sound ecosystem.On the one hand, blockchain technology helps to identify the authenticity of originality and copyright. Meanwhile, Tokens in good liquidity can greatly mobilize enthusiasm for creators in the cultural and creative industry. All these can help their work commercialized in a more efficient way. With constant improvement of the Zeepin’s platform, a more booming creative market is on the way!

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Company name: Zeepin

Company site: zeepin.io

Company contacts: zhufei@zeepin.com

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