World’s First Blockchain-Based Review Platform World’s First Blockchain-Based Review Platform is an ecosystem for reviewers, professionals and businesses all around the world, powered and connected by blockchain.

Smart Links Swiss is honoured to invite you to our Project Launch and Token Generation event.

Time: Jan 15, 2018.

Located: Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva – Quai du Mont – Blanc 19, CH – 1201 Geneva, Switzerland.

Keynote Topics: platform and how to participate in our Token Generation Event.

The SLS team will provide an overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency, discuss the current review & ratings industry and why change is needed, present the world’s first and only blockchain-based review & ratings platform, how it works and its impact on the future of the review industry and society.

SLS executives will lead the programme in a number of presentations:

Opening Address: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Past, Present and Future

Presenter: Mark Pascall, Technical Advisor

Industry Review: Current Review & Rating Industry – Why it has to change?

Presenter: Leigh Flounder, Co-Founder Platform introduction and demo site

Presenter: Mitchell Pham, Co-Founder

Information & Demonstration: Participating in Lina Token Generation Event

Presenter: Greg Kushnir, Co-Founder


Consumers love using online reviews pre-purchase, yet over 50% of consumers stated they don’t trust online reviews or ratings.

So, what happens when a consumer reads a review about a product or service and they don’t trust the content?

They either stall their purchase, or worse: do not buy at all, or buy from the competition.

Blockchain is the only technology that can give back that trust to online reviews and ratings.

  • Through providing full transparency of product reviewer and identity
  • Smart contracts to build reliable content
  • Through all parties being able to generate value from online reviews
  • Through a decentralized system that cannot be manipulated

Lina is the first and only blockchain platform built specifically for the multi-billion-dollar online review and rating industry/market.

Lina is built to restore trust again into this industry and provide tangible value and transparency for all participants in the review and ratings ecosphere.

About Lina.Review is the world’s first platform for review and ratings on blockchain, utilizing blockchain’s immutability to produce the best possible transparency and creating conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality reviews, as well as easily and directly interact with users and providers of products or services totally trustless.

Lina is not just a website but it is a blockchain-based platform so that everyone can build their own review system to develop communities of participants and manage their own businesses. All Lina-based review channels are globally-connected.

For more information visit or email us at or follow Lina on social networks on Twitter and Medium.


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