World’s First Blockchain-Based Privacy App Starts Pre-Token Sale World’s First Blockchain-Based Privacy App Starts Pre-Token Sale

No more Big Brother Surveillance

FortKnoxster Ltd. announces the beginning of its token sale for their secure privacy platform – one of the few token sales backed by a working product.

The FortKnoxster platform is an end-to-end encryption system leveraging on the Blockchain technology to establish secure and trusted communication links between its users.

All files and communications are encrypted in the senders’ browser before they are sent to the servers and stored in a decentralized storage area. Decryption of data is only possible in the browser of the intended recipients. All communications and data are encrypted on all devices.

FortKnoxster users can communicate privately and safely, be it through inbox, chat, phone or video calls, file-storage etc. – eliminating the risk of hacks, cyber-threats and centralized government surveillance.

FKX Token

The FortKnoxster token (FKX) will be used for purchasing service upgrades and for incentivizing users for different rewards achieved.

A fixed supply of FKX will be created during the token sale (135 Mill.) A ledger on the Blockchain will be created maintaining the FKX token, following the ERC20 standard and allowing a secure mechanism for transferring FKX to other participants.

Users get rewarded in FKX tokens for renting out their hard disk space as part of FortKnoxster’s decentralized storage and for referring other users to the platform among other incentive programs.

On November 8, 2017, 12:00 CET – the FKX token pre- sale begins.

Bitcoin Suisse AG has been entrusted with, and has ensured an allocation of FKX tokens equivalent to 1’500’000 USD. Contributions through BTCSAG will receive a  20% early bird bonus – 6.3 FKX per 1 USD. These tokens will be offered and allocated to the public through Bitcoin Suisse AG on a first-come-first-serve basis. Bitcoin Suisse AG offers an easy, convenient way of participating in a wide range of currencies.

Join the pre-sale here.

Got Questions?

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Token Sale

Join our token sale here: Pre-sale, Public-sale

About FortKnoxster

FortKnoxster is a startup focused on the development of secure and private communications utilizing end-to-end encryption and Blockchain technology. Incorporated in Gibraltar, its development team has been working with Crypto, IT Security and Blockchain for many years and are extremely skilled engineers and privacy advocates.

What happens in FortKnoxster stays in FortKnoxster.

Company name: FortKnoxster

Company site:

Company contacts: Rasmus Birger Christiansen, CEO


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