World’s 1st Crypto Cashback – RETN Deals – Now Live World's 1st Crypto Cashback - RETN Deals - Now Live

E-Commerce is the most rapidly growing industry vertical, no two ways about it. It has helped millions of consumers buy products at a lot cheaper price when compared to purchasing at physical stores. With its popularity and increasing demands the E-commerce companies compete to offer more savings to the consumers.

RETN Deals is an e-commerce company that aggregates discounts from more than 250 retailers so that consumers need not scan the web for coupon codes and discounts. In addition to such massive offers from partner stores, RETN Deals doubles it up by giving the consumer cashback in RETN Cryptocurrency for every purchase. It is being assured that the cash backs can be as high as 30% of the purchase value.

The most interesting aspect is that the consumer is not given another store voucher or discount coupons in the name of cashback. The consumer is given actual tangible cash, that too in crypto. Unlike fiat, this crypto has the potential to keep growing even if it is sitting idle in the consumer’s wallet.

Retainly Inc., which is behind RETN Deals has created a closed loop for the RETN Coin. It has partnered with Crypto POS systems to enable the consumer get rewards even from physical stores, as well as use the accumulated RETN to purchase at such supporting stores.

RETN Token is currently in its PreICO stage, with the crowdsale planned during March 2018. Once this ICO is over, RETN will be listed in several exchanges, which will also allow the consumer to redeem RETN into Fiat or any other currency it is paired with.

With the massive community built by Retainly and the enormous value that RETN Deals brings to the table, it is no doubt that RETN will become one of the most successful cryptocurrency. RETN Deals has initiated the market with merchants from India, and will quickly be open to new geographies including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, and more.

Under the leadership of experienced leaders and advisors, Retainly Inc. is all set to become the next major disruptive startup. The entire cryptocurrency management has been simplified for mainstream people who can create their ERC20 compliant RETN Wallet address with a single click, Redeem their cash back into their Wallet with a single click, and even send or sell their RETN, all from inside their My Account page.

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