With MVP and Partnership in Hand, Fixy Network Is Primed to Launch Its Pre-ICO

block.news With MVP and Partnership in Hand, Fixy Network Is Primed to Launch Its Pre-ICO

Lack of adoption in real life is a persistent reality that cryptocurrency has endured in the last 10 years of its existence. With that in mind, Fixy network aims to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in daily life through its versatile, yet user-friendly app which will be available on Android and IOS. It has two main features : Decentralized exchange and marketplace. Besides its main features, advertising modules and blockchain-based games will be available to engage the community and create a sustainable microeconomic cycle inside the platform.

Advertising and ICO listing features, which will accept Fixy app native currency (FXY) as its payment method, will help cryptocurrency companies marketing to deal with the imminent ads ban from major tech giants such as Google and Twitter. 55% revenue generated from the advertising services will be given back to the community through games reward mechanism.

To proliferate the use of cryptocurrency in daily life, Fixy Network will provide Fixy gift cards which acts as a shortcut for everyone to directly buy cryptocurrency using their fiat money. The gift cards will be available in every Fixy store partners.

In the present time, with hundreds of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) already running in the first quarter of 2018, how investors could confidently put their trust into a legit, genuine project that will realize the promises written in the whitepaper ? the simple answers will be to look at the team members ability to develop the product according to its roadmap on time and how well the established companies would open to deal a partnership with the project.

Acting as a translation from abstract vision to a tangible result, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) holds an important consideration to decide the seriousness and execution quality of a project. MVP can be defined as a product with core features that developed at the early stage of a project to demonstrate the feasibility of an idea. With MVP already developed, it shows the proficiency of the team members in converting an abstract vision to manageable developmental phases.

From software development perspective, there are many challenges involved in making a good mobile application, especially the one that incorporates a new technology such as blockchain as its backend. Fortunately, by having the necessary experience and long hours of development, the developers behind Fixy Network app have the capacity to understand them very well. With a lot of change cycles and features customization expected during the app development, its architecture is carefully crafted to minimize a lot of rework while providing the ease of scalability in the future. This will translate into a seamless experience when the app is used in daily life scenario.

As stated in its whitepaper, Fixy Network began its software and business development in November 2017 and has always in accordance with its roadmap plan. The MVP is already packed with some key features : OTC trading, advertising, instant messaging, and find buyer & seller. With the availability of MVP, Fixy Network team is ready to implement its solution on the field

and fully confident in seeking a strategic partnership with various companies. Fixy app MVP V 1.0 demos can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjB-WAgLrss

While successfully developed its MVP on schedule, Fixy Network has already securing NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) contracts with two established franchise companies with 53 stores spread across Europe and Asia. The partnership will incorporate the companies into Fixy Network store partners which customers will be able to buy cryptocurrency directly with their fiat money via Fixy gift cards.

Furthermore, Fixy Network is ready to accept small/medium retailer stores as its partner, to speed up its network growth, so the vision of making cryptocurrency usable in daily life could be expedited.

The availability of MVP and partnerships demonstrates Fixy Network willingness to put investors and community interests at the top of its priority. Currently, the project is establishing its business by hiring ambassadors in various countries, ranging from Europe to Asia continent. With many exciting things already happened behind the scene, there are a lot of surprises to be presented in the near future.

With private sale already raised 400 ETH, Fixy Network will launch its pre-ICO on May 1st 2018 with 40% bonus. Don’t miss a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of cryptocurrency mass adoption movement.

Token Sale will occur from 1 May – 31 May 2018 and will be closed if sold out early

Ticker: FXY
Token type: ERC20
Total Supply : 100.000.000 FXY
Available for Token Sale: 68.000.000 FXY Soft Cap : 2.000 ETH
Hard Cap : 11.400 ETH
Official Website: https://fixyapp.io
Whitepaper : https://fixyapp.io/Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/fixynetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fixy_app

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