Winstars – a New Blockchain Gambling Platform

Winstars - a New Blockchain Gambling Platform

Since 2011, the gambling industry has been growing at least 7% per year. In monetary terms, it’s even more mind-blowing – in 2017 gambling companies earned more than 217 billion dollars.

Unsurprisingly, this market is quite attractive for blockchain-applications developers. Winstars is one of such platforms.

What is Winstars?

Winstars is a blockchain site for gambling games.

There are classic card games (such as Black Jack), as well as other games. Their rules are simple and understandable to the user, so even a novice in the world of gambling can play on Winstars with ease.

Games for Winstars will be created by third-party developers. The creators of the platform will concentrate on creating a “marketplace”, where honest and transparent games will be presented. For example, they will develop a blockchain to store all the games results.

How does Winstars work?

The results of all games on Winstars are determined by platform’s own random numbers generator.

Algorithm is discussed in detail in Winstars’ WhitePaper. From the user’s, it is important that cryptography is used in this generator. In addition, it has uses hashes at once, which makes it more difficult for a potential fraudulent third party to compromise the algorithm.

Proprietary random number generator allows the platform to not use the usual mechanics of receiving data from or other similar resources. So the result of the game is calculated instantly, and the player does not have to wait for long and lose his chances to earn.

Winstars advantages

Winstars will become a platform that will revolutionize the world of online gambling.

The first and most important feature of the platform is the daily distribution of profits among its participants. Winstars developers promise to share a part of the money earned with their customers. This feature is not unique in itself, but the important and unusual thing is that the funds will be distributed every day. In addition the distribution is random – chances of obtaining money are the same for all.

Another advantage of Winstars is fair and transparent games. Winstars guarantees that there is no fraud in the results and it is realistic to win a prize. To do this, Winstars uses blockchain and smart-contracts that cannot be changed and contain information about the type, time of any game on the platform and its result.

In addition, Winstars has a referral program, divided into three levels. Primary referrals bring 5% of their money won or lost, secondary – 3%, tertiary – 2%. It is important that there is no limit of the accrual: you can attract as many referrals as you want and can.

Finally, you can earn on Winstars thanks to the growth of the token price as well. Platform creators expect that its advantages will ensure a constant inflow of users. So, due to the fact that to play Winstars games you need the system’s cryptocurrency, it will have a constant demand from new players.

Winstars ecosystem

The interaction between Winstars participants and their benefits from using the site is presented in the figure below.

ICO details

Winstars Pre-ICO starts on May 10, 2018 and ends on May 20. And from June 3 to July 3 the main round of ICO will take place.


Winstars offers a new solution in the field of online gambling. There is no other project on the market that offers such features and advantages that Winstars has.

At the same time, what Winstars offers is demanded by the market and will certainly be well-accepted. And that means that the project has a bright future.

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