Winner in the Game of Coin–TPC or Bitcoin Winner in the Game of Coin–TPC or Bitcoin

The Public Coin (TPC), a digital currency of Satoshi Nakamoto is trending globally. Recently, the rating was skyrocketed. But how high is it flying? Let’s review the case. Before the first TPC trading platform was opened to public, the daily trading volumes was 300,000TPC, when only the core team and people with invitation codes were allowed to trade TPC. After official registration opening, the number of registered users has reached more than ten thousand in just one month. Currently, there are thousands of certified registered users. The number of certification and registration follow up is still hot and the digits are increasing. Until now, there are 5,000 Bitcoins pending to bid for TPC that means there are a lot of people waiting to purchase some TPC.

The growth of TPC is exponential. It’s a universal digital currency based on blockchain. It exercises the traditional blockchain technology and something new called smart contract technology accompanied with peer-to-peer distribution and security systems, so that it can be used in international smart-crowdfunding projects. After testing everything in every way, it is proved that TPC’s transaction speed is the fastest of all digital currencies, and is 5 times faster than Bitcoins. Also, TPC is the only digital currency that includes utilities such as quotes, transactions, payments and smart contracts.

On a recent briefing, Orman had a few things to say about Bitcoins and TPC. According to him, he would recommend TPC, if the price of the Bitcoins plummeted and someone asked him about the more advantageous digital currency. Looking at this with a financial point of view, not buying TPC will be a mistake. No matter what happens, there is no possibility of digital currency disappearing in the future. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is not unique. If it doesn’t meet any changes and optimizations, there is a chance it will be outdated. At that time, any kind of digital currency more advantageous than Bitcoin will be replacing Bitcoin.

Orman also said that TPC is now showing its capabilities and potential to public. Compared with Bitcoin, TPC stands with a relatively bloated ecosystem, activity and development advantages of TPC community are obvious. Miners will always go forward with the currency with the most profitable assets for power layout. Furthermore, TPC was created to make up for the defects found within Bitcoin. TPC is the new generation of digital currency and has a large capability to be optimized.

In consonance with reliable news, the companies that are currently involved in TPC mining has risen from 21 to 27. Moreover, it was claimed in news that the exceptional popularity of TPC has already begun to gain attention of some insiders and some authoritative sources. A few insiders have stated clearly that, when the TPC trading platform opens trading to public, TPC will be added as a way for people to pay. Although the news has not yet been confirmed, the recent events and the events that are to come, say precisely the same.

Orman further added that, apparently, TPC is the rising star of the digital currency.

Company name: The Public Coin

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