Whilst Crypto Giants Battle Through Stormy Weather, London Based Lendo Sails Through with Ease

block.news Whilst Crypto Giants Battle Through Stormy Weather, London Based Lendo Sails Through with Ease

Today, Lendo launches its token sale to the public at https://lendo.io

The controversial debate with blockchain and cryptocurrency has been affecting this new market for the good, the bad and the ugly. More than ever, crypto giants including Bitcoin, have been fighting their way through stormy weather cringing from the blows. Yet a newcomer on the block, Lendo Platform, a London based fintech start-up, has been sailing through with ease, pioneering the way towards a new regulated crypto.

The ongoing battle between our traditional, centralised financial markets and the volatile decentralised blockchain, has been sending shockwaves worldwide. With many traditional, financial powerhouses making a full 180° pivot, taking on the “If you can’t beat them, join them” attitude, the likes of Trump and other governments have decided to jump on the bandwagon.

The fear of a new regulated blockchain

One of the big blows affecting this new sector is the collective clampdown from search and social giants Google, Facebook and Twitter. Effectively banning ICOs from advertising on their platforms, presumably before regulation is passed. As a consequence many tokens have plummeted in value, yet Lendo’s small scale pre-release last week demonstrated the continued mass market interest during these turbulent times.

Lendo adds value to cryptocurrency

Lendo, the new kid on the block, enables cryptocurrency holders to release cash loans without offloading coins. Last week they launched a pre-release to test the grounds in these turbulent times. Some 42,000 users registered for the service within a matter of hours.

Forbes’ Monty Munford wrote: “Lendo’s software looks set to bridge the gap between the crypto community and the mainstream world.” Lendo’s genius is the exclusive link they will create between both worlds, enabling them to work together. The London based fintech is about to remove the “us and them”, boosting the value of cryptocurrency, by making it work in our traditional financial markets.

The Lendo revolution starts now

Today, Lendo is set to launch its token sale to the public at https://lendo.io/.

The first of its kind, Lendo is the only project to offer crypto-owners the ability to obtain cash loans from regulated lenders using their crypto assets as collateral.

It is also the project paving the way to a harmonious, interconnected relationship between the traditional financial system and the future of finance, blockchain.

Company name: Lendo

Company site: https://lendo.io/

Company contacts: Mark Snowdon, mark@lendo.io


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