WhenHub Raises Crypto Bar – Concurrently Launches App and ICO

block.news WhenHub Raises Crypto Bar – Concurrently Launches App and ICO

Pleasanton, California.

WhenHub announced the public release of “Interface,” a blockchain-based mobile app for connecting people with experts on any topic imaginable. The company also announced the launch of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its WHEN Token, the payment method used by the app.

The company’s decision to launch Interface at the same time as its ICO is in contrast to most other companies which only have a white paper and website at the time of their ICO launch.

“ICO participants should feel confident in our team’s ability to ship a high-quality product,” said Quin Harker, WhenHub co-founder and CEO. “We designed, built and released a mobile app for both iOS and Android along with multiple blockchain Smart Contracts in just 60 days. We are well beyond a white paper,” he added.

Interface is the first product for WhenHub Interface Network (WIN), the company’s Patent Pending platform to connect people for time-based transactional business interactions. WhenHub considers Interface to be the long tail for expert consulting. Anyone can offer advice on any topic in 15-minute blocks, as long as they accurately self-rate their level of expertise. Using the Ethereum blockchain allowed the company to cut legacy banks, lawyers, and contracts out of their business model while integrating marketing into the product itself. Experts who earn WHEN tokens will want those tokens to increase in value.

“For the Interface app, an expert is anyone who has more experience with a topic than you do,” said Scott Adams, WhenHub co-founder and chief strategy officer. “For example, if you are considering a new hobby, adventure, or career, it would be useful to talk to someone who has already done it,” he said. Adams is the creator of Dilbert, one of the most popular comic strips of all time, and is also the primary investor in WhenHub having provided $2 million in seed funding for the business.

WhenHub overcame several technical challenges to bring Interface to the market and launch its ICO. The biggest one was to integrate cryptocurrency transactions into a mainstream consumer mobile app while providing a frictionless user experience.

“We solved the problem by building a simple, industry-standard wallet, pre-loaded with some free signup tokens right into the Interface mobile app,” said Nik Kalyani, WhenHub co-founder and CTO. “This gives users the ability to be an expert, or Interface with an expert, the moment they download the app. Once they get comfortable using the app, they can gradually learn more about wallets, tokens and blockchain,” he added.

The Interface app currently available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is a Beta version. The company updates the app every two weeks, fixing problems and adding new features being requested by users.

“Our current release has roughly 10% of the overall capabilities we have envisioned for the app and the platform,” Kalyani said. “The ICO funding will help us add resources so we can iterate faster and provide improved capabilities to our customers.”

Crypto enthusiasts can participate in the company ICO by sending ETH tokens to the company’s smart contract address “whentoken.eth.” More information about Interface and the ICO can be found at the site.

block.news WhenHub Raises Crypto Bar – Concurrently Launches App and ICO

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Company name: WhenHub

Company site: https://interface.whenhub.com

Company contacts: Nik Kalyani Co-founder/CTO Pleasanton, California (650) 564-4510

Company email: ico@whenhub.com

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