What is the Best ICO to Invest in for 2018?

block.news What is the Best ICO to Invest in for 2018?

There are many Initial Coin Offerings on the market today, but I have something to tell you. Talenthon, a UK Recruitment Platform, is one of the best ICO projects for 2018 and is undoubtedly the ultimate ICO to invest in this year.

In a nutshell, Talenthon has designed and built a state of the art ecosystem that technically evaluates candidate’s skills, validates their CVs and checks their references (an employer’s dream) all powered by cryptocurrency, their talent coin, using Blockchain and Gamification Technology.

Verifying CVs is very hard for employers and without putting in extensive efforts and money to evaluate and assess every candidate that an employer wants to employ can become very problematic. Especially in an industry where fake CVs and profiles cannot be regularly policed on traditional job boards, like indeed, and social media platforms, like LinkedIn.

Giving employers a reliable, accurate and a trustworthy blockchain based record of a potential candidate’s education, skill performance, training and even work-related references could change the recruitment industry for the better. Using Talenthon’s platform could potentially reduce the burden on data-heavy processes, like administration and onboarding, and it would even enhance fraud prevention as well as reducing the clutter from fake CVs. These are naming just a few of the benefits that a blockchain based record can produce for the recruitment industry.

Without a question of doubt, talent finding and management could be obtained from both sides of Talenthon’s service relationship. For example, candidates would be able to manage the blockchain based record of their education, skill performance, references, and training, while employers would be able to gain access to potential data of people who match their criteria to fulfil their job role. This would potentially aid employers’, and recruitment agencies alike, with the proficiency to hire talented candidates. Employers would be able to use Talenthon’s data to match individuals to roles much more precisely and efficiently.

Talenthon’s vision to infuse blockchain technology into their platform would undoubtedly shake up how employers hire their work-force. It would also transform how people would perceive the skills needed to secure a job role, and it would add value for them knowing that they have a fully-fledged CV profile that cannot be altered in any way.

block.news What is the Best ICO to Invest in for 2018?

To make Talenthon’s Platform become a reality. Talenthon is now conducting the perfect ICO.

They have created an ICO Video explainer to help you further understand their project in more detail.

Please see here.

Talenthon has already begun their Ultimate ICO campaign, and they prepare to launch their PRE-ICO Sale on 15th March until 15th June (12-week campaign.)

If you are interested in getting behind a passionate, and well thought through, Top rated, and worthy ICO campaign, then Talenthon is the Best ICO to invest in for 2018.

Their early token sale is now open. Talenthon, are offering a massive 70% DISCOUNT RATE to early investors, without any vesting schedule. Interested? Then please email them at info@talenthon.io, to reserve your tokens. Don’t delay, buy your tokens early to reap the maximum benefits overall.

You can also reserve your tokens by heading over to their website or to learn more about their excellent project.

Please note that Talenthon is conducting a KYC — so please be prepared to answer their questions.

Thank you for reading!

Company name: Talenthon – World’s Most Trusted Hackathon

Company site: www.talenthon.io

Company contacts:

Aman Sood, CEO of Talenthon – aman@talenthon.io

Terri Wade, Account Manager – terri.wade@talenthon.io

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