Want a Private Army of Your Own? Collect Digital Warriors and Become an Ethereal Warlord!

block.news Collect Digital Warriors and Become an Ethereal Warlord!

On 28.02.2018, Ether Dale releases Ether Quest, a new desktop game based on the blockchain technology.

Warlords from numerous worlds have gathered at the Arena City, the great junction where many paths cross, and where the brave and the mighty fight for eternal glory.

Every day, a battle rages at the great Arena. Those who survive it, covered in the blood of their enemies, are showered with gold, and their names are worshipped across many a universe.

Does your heart beat in unison with the steps of the armor-clad champions stepping on the blood-drenched sand of the Arena? Do you yearn for the excitement, the battle, the adrenaline, and, most of all, for victory? Do you want to possess a private army of your own, the Warriors from different corners of the universe, belonging to you, body and soul?

block.news Collect Digital Warriors and Become an Ethereal Warlord!

The great gate of the Arena opens now!

Join the great Quest, muster the Warriors, and be rewarded with undying fame and epic prizes.

The world of Arena is full of surprises and does not yield its secrets easily, so you need to stay alert for the new arrivals. Overall, there are about a million Warriors. Each one of them is a worthy fighter, but the Unique warriors come in a very limited number, and they are the crown jewels, the most difficult ones to obtain.

The earlier you start the Quest, the higher are your chances of getting the Warriors of the highest value to swear allegiance to you.

You can collect one-of-a-kind Warriors, train them, and have them fight other Warriors in single combats at the Arena or at the Tournaments, to win awards in Ether. Warriors can be bought at the Marketplace or mined. Each Warrior is unique and belongs entirely to you: the ownership is securely tracked, and your digital collectibles cannot be destroyed or taken away.

Ether Quest offers you an open blockchain-based investment platform, while, at the same time, providing an intense, dynamic and ultimately fun gaming experience.

In Ether Quest, the money that you invest in your Warriors and contests stays in the system and returns to you with interest when your Warriors achieve victory. You can earn reward with the help of the Warriors by either putting them up for a single combat at the Arena, enlisting to fight at a Tournament, or by selling them at the Marketplace.

To play Ether Quest, you need a Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser, a digital MetaMask wallet, and Ether. Once you have these, the world of Arena will welcome you in all its bellicose splendor!

Company name: Ether Quest

Company site: ether-quest.com

Company contacts: info@ether-quest.com





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