Viola.AI To Gather Larger Single Women Database

Viola.AI To Gather Larger Single Women Database

SINGAPORE  -  With its Identity and Relationship Verification known as REL-Registry, Viola.AI is set to create the world’s largest single women database on the blockchain for a transparent and safe platform for ladies to meet their potential partners.

After being in the dating industry for over 14 years, Founders of Viola.AI Jamie Lee and Violet Lim saw first-hand the challenge and needs of singles. From successfully setting up offline and online dating services, they realized two things:

• Ladies prefer offline dating service due to the strict and manual screening/verification of each member,
• Gentlemen prefer online dating platform due to their higher emphasis on the ladies’ photos and profiles which they can see easily.

This resulted in the severe gender ratio imbalance of the current offline and online dating solutions in the market.

There is also a lack of trust in the current love industry, as online dating services are usually free without any verification, and love scammers are preying on unsuspecting singles. Over billions of dollars are lost a year due to love scams, and over 5.7 million new users this year have joined hook-up websites to cheat, creating a huge problem for singles who are genuinely looking for love.

Introducing The World’s Largest Single Women Database

Viola.AI is blockchain-powered dating and relationships AI which aims to create the world’s largest single women database.

Viola.AI REL-Registry, which is built on blockchain, verifies each user’s identity through visual recognition, social media check and ascertains their relationship status. No more faceless characters, bots, or fake profiles. With the women’s preference over verification, REL-Registry will give them the assurance that all profiles they potentially meet in Viola.AI are real and also single.

The men, who prefer online dating platform will also reap the benefits of Viola.AI as the app is free and they are able to get highly curated matches recommendation from the AI. At the same time, it will attract them even more to know that Viola.AI boasts the largest database of single women.

“Our clients in our existing products have come to us and joined our service because they want that peace of mind that every profile that they meet, have been verified by our dating consultants. This is why, mainly, why women are more apprehensive in joining online dating platforms. With Viola.AI, what we aim to do is essentially take away that middle man and employ an automatic, secure and trusted verification process though REL-Registry, ” says Violet Lim, CEO & Co-Founder of Viola.AI.

With the nature of the REL-Registry that is decentralized and global, couples can also use Viola.AI to ascertain their marriage or relationship status on the blockchain.

More people have been using the proof-of-existence capability of the blockchain to store information, as it’s immutable, protected and their data is not owned by any corporations. The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location, making the records easily verifiable and accessible to anyone.

Through REL-Registry, the process is efficient, cost-effective, and simple. “Importantly, we believe that Viola.AI will empower single women in their dating journey, knowing that they are talking to other verified profiles who are indeed single,” continues Violet.

AI Love Advisor to Evolve with Their Relationship Journey

The role of establishing trust and transparency in REL-Registry is complemented through AI Love Advisor. The A.I. that the team is building evolves from dating, couple-hood to marriage based on the user’s relationship status and able to recommend relevant content, advice, goods, and services to serve each user’s needs.

Asked about her goal for Viola.AI, Violet said, “I believe that this project has the potential to change the world, one relationship at a time. When we first started with Lunch Actually, we know we’ve always wanted to be the most effective dating service, but then, over the years we realized, it’s not enough as we do not want the couples that we have matched with to end up in divorces or break ups. So, with Viola.AI who can evolve her role to help singles and couples at every stage of their relationship, we can then, help every person to achieve a fulfilling and lasting relationship.”

Viola.AI will be starting their Public Sale on 17 June 2018 at 8pm (UTC+8), and its MVP product is expected to be launched to its selected Alpha testers next week.

Users can join the Whitelist now at and take advantage of the highest bonus of 25% bonus tokens on 17–18 June 2018 only.

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