Vertex Launches ICO Aftermarket

Vertex Launches ICO Aftermarket

ICO is a concept that elicits strong reactions form people across the board. After the 2017 ICO craze in which projects with little more than a concept on a white paper were getting millions in funding, this innovative crowdfunding mechanism has left a bad taste in the mouths of countless people around the globe. A lack of investor discipline and hype on one hand, and a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver on the other hand, led to a situation in which funds were wasted. This situation created a void in the market that Vertex seeks to fill with the first ICO aftermarket.

The Concept Behind Vertex

The concept that Vertex is promoting is quite simple. To avoid misunderstandings in the market on every side, reduce the number of projects that are not viable and discard scams outright, there must be a platform that can perform extreme vetting of these projects before they get funding. Vertex will do exactly that, as it builds on its extreme vetting mechanism to deploy a fully functional ICO aftermarket. This is how it will work:

A team of world renowned investors, international business leaders and venture capitalists will vet projects based on their experience and a carefully crafted methodology.

After the vetting process is over, only about 3% of the projects will be eligible for funding.

At this point, Vertex will decide which projects to buy into.

The tokens that Vertex acquires will be sold through its platform, the cornerstone of the Vertex ICO aftermarket.

Users on this platform will be able to acquire tokens from vetted projects and they will have access to the analysis that Vertex experts have done on each project.

Every user will have a fair chance of buying any token sold on the platform. Vertex will make sure that there is no artificial scarcity.

The Importance of the VTEX Token

To purchase ICO tokens on the Vertex platform, users will have to use the VTEX token. Vertex will also use VTEX to buy at least part of the tokens from vetted ICOs. The VTEX token will underpin this ecosystem, connecting ICOs and users through the Vertex vetting mechanism and its platform. This will allow everyone involved to derive various benefits.

The Benefits of the Vertex Platform

Users and ICOs will benefit from the deployment of the platform, the token and the vetting mechanism. Vertex will create a win-win situation for everyone involved, by delivering on the following:

Funding for vetted ICOs to get their projects started.

Access to an ever-growing pool of users that have gone through the KYC process, which will become the client base for vetted ICOs.

Tokens from ICO projects that have the highest chance of succeeding.

Guaranteed access to tokens that would otherwise not be available in the open market.

A decentralized system that allows users to keep their funds on their own wallets, which keeps hackers away from the platform.

Vertex Sale

Anyone who is interested in participating and gaining access to the world’s first ICO aftermarket, will be able to do so through Vertex’s initial token sale. The sale will run from August 27th, 2018 and will end on December 15th, 2018. Anyone interested in the Vertex project, can check out the website [] and other material. The Vertex team is accessible and always open to questions from the public, so just go ahead, check this promising project out and become part of the first ICO aftermarket that will change the way this new crowdfunding mechanism is used.

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