Utrum to Launch Innovative Blockchain Platform Solving Trust Problems for Crypto Investors

block.news Utrum to Launch Innovative Blockchain Platform Solving Trust Problems

Utrum, a decentralized community platform with reputation-based quality reviews of crypto projects and assets, has announced its public token crowd sale to launch May 10, 2018. Utrum will offer OOT, a Privacy Coin and the utility token of the Utrum ecosystem. The crowd sale is the second ever dICO (decentralized Initial Coin Offering) and is being launched on the Komodo Platform (KMD). Komodo is the world leader in Atomic Swap technology and this technology will be utilized in the Utrum dICO App, allowing participants to invest in the ICO in a unique “wallet-to-wallet” transaction, receiving OOT immediately in exchange for their investment with no third-party intermediary.

A grassroots project, Utrum was born out of a Komodo Slack conversation between a few cryptocurrency investors. Founder and Project Lead for Utrum, Sridhar Panasa, had observed the multitude of scams, misinformation, and chaos plaguing the crypto-investment community at large. Having previously run a Threat Intelligence company, Sridhar has a habit of looking at new technologies from a strong security perspective.

“I saw members running around from telegram groups to facebook groups trying to get info about investments…” said Sridhar Panasa, Utrum’s Founder and Project Lead. “There was no clear authority or means by which to sort through the noise. One day I got this idea. How can we stop scams from happening and identify the quality information about cryptos? I brought the idea up to Komodo’s lead developer JL777 and he created a slack channel for us in Komodo’s slack. There I began discussing with Chris (Chris Maarseveen) and Gürkan (Gürkan Aygörmez), and the three of us have been working on the project ever since.”

Cryptocurrency is one of the highest risk markets in which to invest…and arguably the most accessible to anyone. With the increasing difficulty for investors to adequately distinguish between the good and the bad in crypto investing, many well-meaning investors have lost everything in their attempts at supporting the growth of this technology.

Utrum believes that by developing an Artificial Intelligence backed, a community-driven platform which rewards users for their help in reviewing, rating, analyzing and predicting crypto projects, assets, and teams, these problems can be solved. Through the use of blockchain, Utrum is creating an ecosystem of supportive and educational guidance for investors of all caliber, as well as a marketplace for projects and providers to showcase to a targeted investment-rich community. Utrum will also implement community-voted moderators whose job it is to help regulate and manage the ecosystem according to community governance.

The platform utilizes a new token, called OOT, which is used for various utilities and transactions within the community and marketplace, and which will be available on cryptocurrency exchanges in the future. Users who write reviews, perform analysis, and participate in rating crypto-projects or assets, are rewarded OOT based on their activity and reputation within the community.

Utrum has a diverse and growing team of individuals passionate about creating a safer and more rewarding platform, helping users become smarter crypto investors, helping good projects gain visibility and helping the larger crypto-community. The team brings over 30 years combined experience in business development, technology, security, and community management.

This new crypto startup is poised and passionate about developing a powerful community platform for crypto projects, developers, analysts, newbies, and investors to gain access to quality information and reviews. If you’d like to learn more about Utrum, visit their website to read more and join the conversation.

Token Sale starts on 10 May with 30% Bonus


Utrum – Your Crypto Playbook Intro Video



James Lee, AKA “JL777”, is the Lead Developer of Komodo Platform, a leader in Privacy, Decentralization, and Development with a market cap of over $500 Million. He is a strong advocate of privacy and liberty in its true essence. He is the pioneer of decentralized ICOs (dICO) which he developed to curb “whale manipulation” within crowd sales. His brainchild is BarterDEX, a fully functional decentralized exchange, powered by atomic swaps and electrum servers. He also developed the Komodo privacy coin using zk-snarks and Jumblr for anonymity, and innovated dPOW (delayed Proof of Work) which gives Bitcoin security to Komodo and its asset chains.


SuperNet is one of the largest Crypto Investment Funds with a portfolio worth 10,000 BTC recently purchased 1% of OOT (Utrum Token) total supply in a private sale.

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