US Fintech Expert From Prudential Financial Launches Cryptocurrency – Backed Lending Startup Money Token US Fintech Expert From Prudential Financial Launches Cryptocurrency

Alex Rass, blockchain expert and enthusiast with a history of Fintech experience gained at Prudential Financial, Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs has launched a blockchain based financial services ecosystem called MoneyToken.

MoneyToken focused on cryptocurrency-backed lending, stablecoins development and crypto assets leveraging.

Its innovative economic model allows you to hold onto your cryptocurrency assets and spend cash at the same time.

The MoneyToken Private Sale has begun and more than $600,000 has already been raised to support the project.

To gain access to this ‘early birds’ Private Sale, interested contributors should apply to join the
Money Token Whitelist

If you are a cryptocurrency holder, or interested in finding out more about the project you can join MoneyToken telegram chat

Note: Given the volatility in the current cryptocurrency market, the token balance of all Private Sale participators will be reassessed upwards should the value of ethereum increase by the end of the general Token Sale in May. This provides all early contributors in MoneyToken insurance of their purchase in a volatile market.

MoneyToken consists of:
– MoneyToken lending platform that provides loans in fiat currencies or stablecoin, secured by collateral in BTC and ETH;
– MTC – MoneyToken’s own stablecoin;
– MoneyToken decentralized exchange service.

What is the purpose of MoneyToken??
The MoneyToken platform seeks to resolve one of the key issues plaguing the crypto market – making these assets effective liquid instruments.

How do you persuade cryptocurrency owners to trade or sell instead of holding their assets?
How can you benefit from the value of your cryptocurrency when the only sensible strategy is to hodl for the long term?

What if you could use your crypto-assets as collateral to take out a loan in fiat money?
In this way, you don’t need to sell your appreciating Bitcoin but, at the same time, you have the opportunity to spend traditional money on essentials in the here and now.

MoneyToken is about creating a secure place for lenders and borrowers to meet, provide appropriate and proper risk management to clients, and reducing the risk lenders face due to the volatile nature of crypto assets.

MoneyToken aims to resolve these issues, managing clients’ risks and creating a stable lending model using cryptocurrencies as a security deposit. Our model aims to facilitate access to credit while building a new credit market – loans backed by crypto collateral, based on the security and transparency of blockchain technology,” comments Alex Rass, co-founder and CTO of the project.

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