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United Traders is all set to launch the token sale on November 30th to form a combination of platforms that would serve as a place to gather investors’ capital with investing products, a cryptocurrency exchange, and the biggest financial dictionary. Right now, the pre-sale campaign has already started and today UT is presenting their advisory board:

200 Million Dollar Trader

“A Trader So Secret They’re Only Known by a Number” Bloomberg.com.

In June 2017, Bloomberg.com published an article about a trader who made 413% trading cryptocurrencies. This trader turned $55 million of paper wealth into $283 million. This information surfaced in the Ethereum blockchain and was shared in Instagram publication on June 11, 2017.

He or she or they (the correspondent of Bloomberg.com wrote) did not reveal their identity even now, having become an adviser to United Traders. The only available pubic information is Ethereum network address: 0x00A651D43B6e209F5Ada45A35F92EFC0De3A5184.

We can only say that the owner of this address has invested in Bitcoin for a long time, bought Ethereum at the ICO and engaged in mining and is well versed in blockchain technologies and cryptography. We are confident that our cooperation with a 200 million trader as an advisor will lead to great performance in all these areas.

In addition, the 200 million dollar trader has already bought UTT tokens for 11864.4 ETH.

The signed message from the “200 Million Dollar Trader” address reads: “United Traders – strong buy!  uttoken.io”.

A signed message in the Ethereum network:


“address”: “0x00a651d43b6e209f5ada45a35f92efc0de3a5184”,

“msg”: “\”United Traders – strong buy! Uttoken.io\”\n20 november 2017”,

“sig”: “0x9185b140c1200d797f4b5ea965e2c6e960255f9910267167e063a570b1dbe8766dff68179f9d7e2a537e7aaf56266f21d0b0cecf350d4e3b21c1e9366734f0161c”,

“version”: “2”


Validate message here.

About 200 Dollar Trader

Mr. Simon Librati

Founder of Clearpool Group, WTS proprietary trading, Co-Founder of FNG ETF , trading on NYSE Social and media tech fund.

Simon has started his career as a trader in Montreal. Over 18 years he has been deeply involved in all areas of trading – from funding to developing and managing teams worldwide.

In the early 2000s, he worked for Canadian prop-trading company Swift Trade. The same company where United Traders managing partners Dmitry Belousov and Roman Vishnevsky have began their trading career.

In 2006 mr. Librati and his  partner established prop-trading company World Trade Securities. By 2009, WTS had thousands traders around worldwide, which made it one of the largest prop-trading companies.

The next step was to expand into the U.S. He and his partner founded WTS Proprietary Trading Group and became members of the CBOE Stock Exchange, bringing their business into line with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

In 2012, WTS bought out Dimension Trading Group, which employed another managing partner of UT – Anatoly Radchenko. WTS has also acquired developer of the Blackwood trading platform, branded Fusion today.

We are long-time partners of Simon in the U.S. stock trading. In the near future, we plan to expand our cryptocurrency products into the U.S. market and worldwide, and Simon’s expertise will enable us to do this as efficiently as possible.

Profile – Simon Librati.


NP RTS Association

The Association of Financial Market Participants “Nonprofit Partnership for the Development of the RTS Financial Market.”

NP RTS Association was established in 1995 and unites about 70 professional financial market participants.

In the beginning of 2000 The RTS received the stock exchange license. A little later, the most successful Russian market for futures and options (FORTS) appeared on the RTS stock exchange platform, which was included in the Top 10 international derivatives sites. By 2006, the exchange’s turnover reached $100 billion, and in 2011 a deal was made to merge the MICEX CJSC and RTS OJSC (the latter was sold for more than $1 billion).

Currently, the NP RTS Association is working on a number of projects, including the launch of the U.S. stocks trading at the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (NP RTS Association being its principal stakeholder) in the end of 2014. The main market-maker on the stock exchange is United Traders. In 2017 the Nonprofit Partnership launched a cryptocurrency exchange platform Voskhod, the main feature of which is to become fully regulated.

We are partnered with the NP RTS Association for the development of the Saint-Petersburg Exchange and Voskhod electronic platform. We believe that the experience of the NP RTS Association management in the development of exchange technologies and the expert knowledge of the NP RTS President, Roman Goryunov, will accelerate the development of UT’s business and make the company’s products more mature and valuable for our customers.

About NP RTS

About United Traders

United Traders is a proprietary trading company founded in 2009 through the merger of two teams of traders from Moscow and St. Petersburg who previously were engaged in SwiftTrade (Canada) and Dimension trading (USA). The team specialized in discretionary trading on the US stock exсhanges. In 2012 the company started offering investment products to its clients. At the moment, the following options are available for investors: Kvadrat Black – purely algorithmic trading hedge fund; IPO – purchasing shares of companies initiating IPO on a provisional subscription; OTC – purchasing non-public companies’ shares.  UT already has its multi-exchange platform Aurora which allows trading on several exchanges (NASDAQ, BATS, ARCA, CME, CBOE, CBOT, EUREX, MOEX, SPBEX). The main future project of United Traders is UTEX (a cryptocurrency exchange) that will dramatically solve liquidity problems by implementing its smart route technology.

Company name: United Traders

Official token sale website: https://uttoken.io/

Contact us for any questions: pr@uttoken.io

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