Unibright To List Its Utility Token On QRYPTOS Exchange

Unibright To List Its Utility Token On QRYPTOS Exchange

Unibright, the unified framework for blockchain based business integration, has announced its listing on QRYPTOS as its first exchange. According to the official announcement, Unibright’s utility token UBT is starting to be listed on the August 14th with rewards for the first purchases.

Unibright is a German-registered “blockchain agnostic integration framework” providing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage. With its “no-coding-needed” approach, smart contracts get generated, deployed and updated automatically based on visual definitions. The company is already partnered up or closely working with Microsoft, NEM and Lufthansa.

In literal sense, Unibright is template based and targets all business sectors that is already offering various templates like “Multi Party Approval”, “Asset Lifecycle”, “Batch Tracing” and many more. All you need is to choose a template for the desired use case, customize the integration workflow, connect to your existing landscape and monitor the ongoing business process.

UBT is a utility token empowering the Unibright Framework for blockchain based business integration.

QRYPTOS is an exchange licensed by the Financial Services Agency in Japan and compliant with both KYC and AML standards which protect its traders. QRYPTOS is a product of QUOINE — a leading fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation financial services powered by blockchain technology.

There are different reasons why people want tokens to be listed on specific exchanges, QRYPTOS suggests.

Exchanges are a vital part of the global strategy. They are needed for customers to purchase the token needed to use the project’s framework. Apart from this, an exchange is also a good place to promote the project behind a token and open it to new audiences.

Moreover, the technology behind an exchange should be secure and future proof. If an exchange is running a dedicated blockchain protocol, the best case for projects would be to even use this technology in their framework.

But the legal perspective is even more important. It is of no help partnering up with an up-rising exchange whose business model is working for the moment but might be forced to shut down by regulators in the future.

Unibright decided for a very thorough test on possible exchanges based on this strategic thoughts and criteria, setting up a matrix and evaluating which exchanges are the best match for now  –  given the status of the project, customers, partners and the blockchain market in total. Only a few exchanges fulfilled Unibright’ ideas of being the right partner, the team highlights.

Reward to the first holders

UBT will be listed on the August 14th, 2 pm CEST.

For the first 100 new QRYPTOS account that are KYC-approved and hold at least 100 UBT, QASH tokens worth 10 USD will be granted for free to that accounts in the middle of September. This holds true for accounts that are created before 14 of September using the following referral link.

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