TWILX Acquires Fitrova FRV for $119.7M with Token Buy-Back

TWILX Acquires Fitrova FRV for $119.7M with Token Buy-Back

News comes today as cryptocurrency project Fitrova has been officially acquired by Australia’s top leading digital marketing company TWILX. The announcement came as a complete shock today to Fitrova investors as the price of FRV shot up 8.89%!

According to CEO, Bryan Seiler, Twilx has had their eye on the acquisition since the early startup ICO phase of Fitrova and has always seen great potential with the project. The aim will be to take hold of the of the Fitrova project and to rebrand into Twilx whilst still delivering on the current roadmap and formal app release.

Together with the new acquisition and take over of Fitrova, Twilx will be offering a full FRV token buy-back to all initial investors that purchased FRV during the ICO phase between Mar 26th 2018 – April 30th 2018.

ICO investors will be able to take advantage of the FRV token buy-back at a rate of $0.00509375 USD (Pre-ICO Price) per FRV token upto the total amount that was individually purchased during ICO. All FRV tokens ‘bought back’ will be burned and will be converted into Twilx (SEO) Tokens at the conversion rate of 1,468 FRV = 1 SEO and thus making each SEO token worth $7.481250 USD at initial listing and equaling a $119.7 Million USD total combined worth.

There has been a lot of FUD and untruthful claims made about FRV as of late and this big news surrounding the new acquisition and token buy-back comes at the right time in an effort to boost investor confidence and to put an end to FUD once and for all.

Fitrova FRV will still remain listed and actively traded at current exchanges offering initial ICO investors still holding on to their tokens the chance to ‘break even’ without any monetary loss and to still be part of the new rebranding structural opportunity along with all other FRV token holders.

More information about Twilx Web Solutions can be found on or by joining the Twilx official Telegram group.

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