Truckcoin – the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking Truckcoin - the Next Big Thing in Personal Banking

Truckcoin could be the next big thing in personal banking. A common trend in the ICO crowdfunding is the pre-sale of the ICO before the actual launch. This is meant to create traction for the startup and the ICO. Some ICO pre-sale have flopped making it hard for the startup to raise any considerable amount even on the actual launch of the ICO. TRKC will probably go down in history as one of the most successful pre-sale ICO. Truckcoin had projected that the pre-sale would last for at least 30 days. Surprisingly, all pre-sale tokens had been sold out within the first day.

Truckcoin intends to launch the ICO on 1st December 2017 amidst great anticipation from the crypto community. Hopefully, the same sentiment exhibited in the pre-sale will reverberate to the launch. Truckcoin prides itself in re-inventing the concept of digital currency even though not entirely. The unique feature with Truckcoin is the establishment of a vibrant user community. This community, according to Truckcoin will be the commercial foundation for internet. As far as Truckcoin is concerned, user privacy and security comes first. For this reason, Truckcoin is secured through cryptographic algorithms, which effectively ensure the security of users’ coin wallets.

Accessing cryptocurrency wallets requires that the user is in possession of a public and a private key. In this regard, Truckcoin makes use of ring signatures. This technology ensures that user transactions remain untraceable by shuffling their public keys. What’s more, for users who wish to maintain a traceable transfer option, Truckcoin offers that option. The rationale behind this is that while Truckcoin seeks to offer the most secure transaction platform, it is not oblivious to the significance of user freedom.

Truckcoin boasts various unique features such as unlinkability, anonymity, and analysis resistance. What is more impressive is the fact that despite these cutting-edge features, Truckcoin remains largely mobile friendly. This is made possible by the 1-2MB scratchpad, which allows Truckcoin to run seamlessly on laptops, tablets or simple, compatible handsets. Additionally, Truckcoin allows for blockchain pruning. This feature minimizes attacks based on age besides ensuring that Truckcoin is not derailed by devices, which have limited storage.

The key underlying objective of Truckcoin is providing a platform on which people of all ages can privately send and receive funds with the gadget they may have. By so doing, Truckcoin seeks to give the users the freedom to control their funds without worrying of any possible prying eyes. Truckcoin features are no doubt impeccable which could be the reason behind the impressive demand for its pre-sale ICO.

The ICO is set to run through from 1st-31st December 2017. Each ticket will be offered at between $20-50, and it is important to note that one ticket is equivalent to 3 TRKC tokens. Having in mind the adverse effects of excess supply on the value of an asset, the supply of tickets is set at a hard cap of 513,333. After the ICO, all other coins will be mined on Truckcoin’s mining pool.

In a time where crowdfunding through ICOs has become way too common, due diligence on the part of the investor has never been so paramount.

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