Tron Mainnet Launched – Young Team Dispelled Rumors with Sweat, Perseverance and Success

Tron Mainnet Launched – Young Team Dispelled Rumors with Sweat, Perseverance and Success

TRX made a hit as the first cryptocurrency whose value exceeded a hundred times of its issuance price in 2018 when the New Year had been only a few days away. In a flash, it squeezed itself into the Top 20 list of cryptos with highest market capitalization. Since then, TRON has recruited a mighty tech team and released a series of iterations. Albeit good news now and then, TRON is never short of controversaries and even rumors.

Yesterday, TRON launched its Mainnet. All rumors were dispelled, and TRON came again under the spotlights.

First, I’ll talk about highlights of the launch, in case you don’t know yet.

TRON Mainnet Launch began as scheduled at GMT+8 of May 31, 2018. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, announced that TRON Mainnet was officially launched in a TRON T-shirt. Rephrasing the famous line of Neil Armstrong, the first human stepping on the moon, Sun proudly claimed that “Odyssey 2.0 launch is one small step for TRON, one giant leap for blockchain.”

Sun explained in English what TRON had done and would do as such:
1. TRON takes the crown for commits in Q2, totaling more than any other blockchain project in the world;
2. TRON has completed mainnet token migration and shed its identity as an ERC token;
3. With 1.08M tokenholders, TRON is now the #1 token on Ethereum, far ahead of any other cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and EOS;
4. TRON attracts much more attention than other blockchains on Youtube, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, Reddit and other online platforms, promising to be the hottest cryptocurrency globally;
5. With a consistent trade volume of between USD 500M – USD 1B, TRON has stabilized in the top 5 of most traded cryptos;
6. More than 100 trading pairs have been activated for international transactions;
7. As the TVM version is scheduled to be launched on July 31, TRON is expected to complete basic infrastructure for a decentralized ecosystem in Q3.

In the end of his speech, Sun urged all TRON users to participate in the June 26 Super Representative Election.

After Sun, Lucien Chen (CTO), Marcus Zhao (director of blockchain R&D), Haoqi Zhao (director of technical operation) and Wendy Yi (product director) gave their speeches about TRON and its plans. TRON’s commitment to community is apparent in its various programs for developers that include TRON Accelerator, hackathons and programming competitions, totaling up to USD 2B in rewards.

As token conversion is the most widely concerned issue among users, TRON has given its official manifesto. As the mainnet is launched, TRX will gain independence, no longer an ERC20 token as it was. There are a number of exchanges where holders can transfer conveniently their TRX into the mainnet at the fixed ratio of 1:1. Users can transact as usual while conversion is being processed.

Available exchanges include Bit-Z, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bibox,, Binance, Coinrail, Coinnest, Bitpie, Bixin, RightBTC, DragonEx, Upbit, Bithumb, Liqui, BitKop, OKEX, CoinTiger, Huobi pro and OEX. Watch out for the continually updating list before June 25.

When the migration is completed, all TRX holders are entitled to vote in an election that yields 27 super representatives, or SR, who are somewhat like senior managers in a company. SRs have the access to book-keeping, and their duties include daily maintenance, performance optimization and boosting the ecosystem. By the time that this piece was written, more than 60 individuals or organizations from all over the world had submitted SR applications, among whom were 20+ big names like Node Capital, LinkVC, GENESIS, Next Genius, Antpool, BTCC and

As a Java-based DApp platform, TRON is developer-friendly and promises high network performance. Over 20 star-ups have joined for various DApps including cold setup wallets and blockchain explorers for PC, web and mobile devices.

The price of TRX rose by 6%, though only for a short time, during the half hour after the launch began on May 31 (GMT+8) while it had been fluctuating around USD 0.06 on the same day.

As a matter of fact, now that Odyssey 2.0 is technologically available, its full-fledged functioning involves reaching consensus, which in turn requires coordinating the efforts of more than its 1M+ users. From the 1st to the 24th of June, the community developers will be carrying out additional tests on the Mainnet and generating consensus before the first block, also known as the Genesis Block, happens at midnight, June 25 (GMT+8).

As the momentum goes, TRON will have surprises for the blockchain community every month ahead just like the amazing six months before now.

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