Traditional Organizations And The New Decentralization: The Power Of Blockchain Traditional Organizations And The New Decentralization: The Power Of Blockchain

May 16th-17th, 2018

In which sectors can Blockchain change our daily lives? What does it propose a new scheme of decentralization and trust? How to deal with this new digitized world where data has become digital gold?

The Monaco International Blockchain (M.I.B.) will bring together actors from the international Blockchain eco-system to explain, discuss and discuss current topics as well as future applications related to this innovative and dynamic technology, based on trust and community : logistics, security, payment, traceability of products, etc.

The M.I.B. is the first international trade fair in the Principality of Monaco dedicated to the Blockchain and its applications.

This is the unique opportunity to project yourself into this overview where disruption is master, to come share your experiences and ideas with the many experts and influencers present at this first edition.

The show will be held over 2 days on May 16 and 17 in the setting of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

The themes proposed are at the center of current global social and economic concerns and at the heart of the Principality of Monaco’s DNA: the ecology, the transparency of markets and transactions, the necessary modernization of legislation, the positioning of banking markets and financial, as well as the potential opened by the digital to make each city a Smart City.

Among the speakers and partners of the show, the M.I.B. has the honor to confirm the presence of:

  • Philippe Rodriguez (Bitcoin France President, Avolta Partners Founder)
  • Pierre Paperon (Solid Co-founder)
  • Arnaud Auger Sengupta (Atelier BNP PARIBAS , Facebook Marketing)
  • Cal Evans, Igor Chugunov (CREDITS)
  • Naeem Aslam  (Expert for CNBC)
  • Nicolas Louvet (CEO Coinhouse)
  • Thierry Poyet (World of Blockchains Monaco)
  • Thibault Verbiest  (DS Lawyers )
  • Sergio Garcia Fernandez  (Influencer and Youtuber)
  • Christophe Ozcan (Crypto4all)
  • Kirill Nikolaev (VIMANA)
  • Dr Melek Sonai (Physician, Imperial College London)
  • Joe Petrowski (Engineer)
  • Sunny Kapoor (Glad Age)
  • Nikita Lukianets (PocketConfidant AI)
  • David Princay (CFC).

Among the exhibitors of the M.I.B to note:

  • BIGBANG ENERGY from the Institute of Research and Innovation Blockchain Research Center in Paris based on the Saclay campus. Bigbang designs and integrates fully electric and carbonless digital boilers and air conditioning solutions into industrial and commercial sites.
  • The CREDITS platform which is designed to create services for Blockchain systems using self-executing smart contracts and a public data registry.
  • MONOECI: Cryptoasset based in Monaco
  • Crypto4all: Consulting firm specialized in Blockchain
  • Fashion TV: which will present its ecosystem based on the Blockchain.
  • TALAO: 1st French ICO which aims to develop on the Blockchain its decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to people working freelance.
  • ALMORA: an investment company in Blockchain projects.

A networking cocktail will be organized on Wednesday, May 16th at the Grimaldi Forum from 7pm, with the participation of Fashion TV models.



Tel: +377 935 060 11


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