Trading Platform RobotsCrypto Is a New Promising Project on the Blockchain Which Really Deserves Your Attention! Trading Platform RobotsCrypto Is a New Promising Project on the Blockchain Which Really Deserves Your Attention!

Cryptocurrency has recently taken global attention seriously, and the areas of its application are expanding every day. Through constant rate adjustments, many, especially small players, started to exit the digital investment market with the serious losses. Interesting, and at the same time potentially capacious is the game software market, where you can now integrate modern trends of cryptomarket and blockchain technology.

In order to combine the potential of gaming and trading markets, about a year ago RC developers created the RobotsCrypto platform – the first trading platform that could easily stabilize and increase the revenue of the digital currency.



Using this platform you can:

  • safely store money in crypto investments on the blockchain,
  • mine different details,
  • sell rare game tokens
  • and multiply them by achieving victories in the virtual arena battles for the Ethereum!

Even the most iconic and popular games all over the world today, are not able “to fill” the players wallets, but only the RobotsCrypto project makes it’s possible!

This is the first project in the world that has integrated the blockchain technology so deeply into the gameplay.

RobotsСrypto managed to unite the best trends of the world of trading, game industry and blockchain technology. It gives the possibilities not just for beginner crypto investors or experienced traders to earn crypt, but also to a large number of gamers to obtain such an interesting opportunity!

Having fun while playing the game and making profit while getting additional Ethereums sounds much better than simply losing money when spending them for the profile upgrade – as it happens in many world-famous games, you have to agree, it really deserves your attention!

RobotsCrypto developers not only created secure trade opportunities through the marketplace, but also strive to make a real revolution in cyber sport!

Robots and all the cryptogeneration equipment collected by players during this game will take part in AR battles. This is a mechanism for completing the reality, when robots and other equipment installed on players device are fighting the enemy army online.

Thus, RobotsСrypto combines new discoveries in the field of virtual reality and economy, because, judging by the latest news, the whole world is rapidly moving to blockchain. The whole ecosystem is transferred to a transparent, secure computer platform.

How to start the game?

RobotsCrypto is based on Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency at the moment in the world. In order to gain access to the RobotsCrypto’s world of investment you need to:

  • Install the MetaMask add-in to the browser (Chrome / Firefox)
    • Keep safely your password and secret words
    • Transfer Ethereum (ETH) to the main MetaMask wallet network
  • Purchase starting game tokens on
    (until 08.03 discount rates are applicable)
    RobotsCrypto visualizes cryptocurrency in the chests, details, robots and their subsequent generations. Your savings are securely preserved, and a transparent market system will teach you how to multiply your income. And the most important thing is that you are the owner of your token!!Robots mining for you!


Cryptocurrency always means mining – multiplying of income is directly proportional to existing capacity. Developers have found a unique solution to this function: each “correctly” assembled robot will produce details. And every detail still remains a crypto unit, which can be easily sold on the domestic market at any time.Developers do not recommend to sell the best details but to use them to upgrade your robot instead. Updating the robot’s parts increases its combat capacity and production quality.

Win Ethereum in battles with Augmented Reality (AR)!

In the nearest future you will be able to win one of the details and to obtain an additional Ethereum while defeating one of your opponents during the battle at the AR Arena.

Our proposal represents simultaneous visualization of cryptocurrency, transparent trader analytics, original way of mining, game investment pro (generations and classification of robots), future battles at AR, transition of the game to the cyber sport and many other new opportunities which will be added by our developers during your exiting journey.

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