Turns up the Heat With Massive Airdrop – Attractive Trading Competition Turns up the Heat With Massive Airdrop – Attractive Trading Competition

Think you’re good at trading… Well, it’s time to put your skills to the test.

Hong Kong – Cryptocurrency exchange,, continues to make waves in the crypto space as it is set to launch a series of exciting trading competitions to add to their line-up of innovative products and services.

In conjunction with the competition, has partnered with KRATOS to launch a massive airdrop to entice the entire crypto community! More details can be found on our Medium page.

To kick off their first competition with a bang, is offering 1 million KTOS tokens (worth 130,000 USD!) where traders need to trade as many KTOS as they can to have a chance to win a first prize of 200,000 KTOS, or one of 99 more prizes!

The tenacious team behind the name is encouraging their community to challenge friends and other TIOnauts.’s Chief Operations Officer, Roy Gutshall, shared his excitement on the KTOS competition & airdrop:
“We’re thrilled to be launching the trading competition as it adds diversity to our already innovative portfolio of key services and brings value to our TIOnauts who have been eagerly anticipating our next move.

“It has been a pleasure to work with KRATOS during their ICO and we are excited to see the evolution of their project with the listing of KTOS on the Exchange. We believe this generous airdrop and attractive trading competition, will help further promote the adoption of both and KRATOS platforms. We thank KRATOS for their continued support and opportunity to share in their continued success.”

To have a chance of winning your share of 1 million KTOS tokens, here’s what you need to know…

How to enter:

● Users must sign up to the Exchange by 22nd January. Anyone signed up to Exchange is eligible to participate in the competition.
● On Wednesday 23rd January, users will be airdropped 75 KTOS tokens to their account.
● KTOS will also be listed on this day, so users can purchase more tokens to compete with to increase their chances of winning!
● The competition will take place for a total of 10 days, from 22nd January – 1st February.

What’s next?

Start trading KTOS! The winner of the competition will be the person with the highest amount of KTOS tokens traded against any of its pairs.

The total prize fund is worth over 130,000 USD (1 million KTOS tokens).

In addition…

All accounts participating in the Liquidity Pool will share 1 million KTOS tokens proportionally.

Ranking of prizes

1st prize: 200,000 KTOS
2nd & 3rd prize: 70,000
4-10: 35,000
11-20: 20,000
21-50: 5,000
51-80: 1,500
81-100: 1,000

The leaderboard for the competition can be found here: and will be updated once per day at 12pm GMT.


KRATOS is a blockchain-based platform that is accessible 24/7 for the commodities trading industry, and acts as a single source of truth.

Smart contracts between the trading parties allow for more efficient, accurate and simpler processes leading to lower overhead costs and time delays.

TIOnauts – hold onto your hats!

Well, what are you waiting for?! Be sure to sign up to the Exchange if you haven’t already and get ready to compete!

The launch of’s exclusive competition is just the first of many and the latest to their line-up of exciting products & services. Lots more trading competitions & prizes will be announced soon.

To get in touch or for any questions contact

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