Token Sale to Give Small Businesses More ‘Clarity’

Token Sale to Give Small Businesses More ‘Clarity’

7th June, 2018 – A revolutionary new platform for small businesses and investors, Clarity, has announced a $50 million token sale ahead of its launch.

Clarity will be a one-stop shop for small business owners worldwide, giving them complete access to and control over their data.

The all-encompassing platform not only stores data, but provides analytics, benchmarking, file sharing, third-party verification and easy access to funding. It also stores business information such as insurance, finance, human resources and standard operating procedures all in one place.

Business owners will use the Clarity software and AI-driven dashboards to keep track of their business performance, as well as accessing early-stage funding or investment that was previously only available to larger businesses.

Low due diligence fees will appeal to potential investors who have the opportunity to integrate into the platform from the start and see which businesses are performing the best.

Clarity Founder Aynsley Damery said: “We believe giving small businesses total control over their data will change the way business is done globally, forever.

“Small businesses power the global economy but so many fail to reach their full potential because they don’t have clarity.

“This platform will provide them with a valuable insight into their performance and growth potential, a roadmap to design an amazing business, as well as access to finance and previously unavailable early-stage investment to really help them thrive.

“Over the next few months we’ll be travelling the globe presenting Clarity and its token sale at large blockchain and accounting events.  We expect this to be a very busy sale and would encourage investors to get in early so that they don’t miss out.”

The new platform will use Clarity tokens (CLRTY) for the purchase of its service, with the tokens going on sale next month.

The token sale will last until November 22nd, or until the tokens have sold out, with the aim of raising $50 million.

As shown below, tokens will be sold during tiered sales phases that will reward early investors, preceded by a private pre-sale selling 30 million non-refundable CLRTY tokens.

To find out more and to view the whitepaper, please visit the site or feel free to get in contact with the Clarity team on any of the following social channels:







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