The Most Stable Cryptocurrency Ever Known The Most Stable Cryptocurrency Ever Known

Zug, Switzerland, January 3, 2018:  X8Currency is launching the world’s most stable cryptocurrency – the X8C Currency Token. The token will be distributed from Zug – Switzerland’s Crypto Valley – and the first stage of the distribution procedure commences on January 4th, 2018 with the TGE Pre-Sale. The X8C Currency Token acts as a hedge against market volatility by being physically entirely backed by a fully exchangeable basket of the top 8 fiat currencies and monetary gold lodged with leading Swiss financial institutions.

The crypto world is enjoying an extended bull market and everyone can make hay while the sun shines but what might happen if bull turns bear? The X8C Currency Token offers the solution with a currency token that is designed as a hedge against uncertainty. Due to the full exchangeability of the underpinning basket there is complete liquidity which permits mainstream crypto holders to jump across to the X8C Currency Token when markets are not behaving in a favourable manner for those holders and thereby establish a previously unknown state of stability.

The TGE that X8Currency is launching will distribute the parallel X8X Utility Token. The X8X Utility Token is a full licence to enter the X8C Currency Token environment and functions as a completely reusable key to the X8 gateway. The X8Currency project is the vision of Gregor Koželj and his close-knit team who have been working together for an extended period – 10 years in some cases – in the area of financial systems which mitigate chaos and, accordingly, reduce risk for end users. The X8C-X8X parallel system is the most sophisticated imagining of these principles and everything is entirely blockchain driven to full Swiss (FINMA) regulatory standards.

The crypto community has to be pragmatic but in a bull market everyone is a genius. There will be a market adjustment at some point in the future and nobody can guess when that day will come. However, having access to supply of X8X Utility Tokens will certainly take the pressure off as funds are able to find stable sanctuary until that adjustment plays out.

The Whitelist for the TGE Pre-Sale is open at and registration will lead customers to a KYC portal which functions 24/7. X8Currency operates an active Telegram channel at

Contact: Philip Lawrence

Phone +44 755 450 2000

Phone +386 31 498 701

Zug, Switzerland

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