The MINE Project Has Gotten the Permission For the Official Running of the Only Mining Farm From the Chinese Government The MINE Project Official Running of the Only Mining Farm From the Chinese Government

Now preparing for the cloud sale, the MINE Project has attained the official permission for the running of the Mining Farm from the Chinese Government. This has never happened before in China, and we are the first one to get the permission from the Chinese government, so it’s our first significant milestone.

Now within the Chinese government, there are no current other mining farms that has gotten the official permission from the Government. The current mining farms are using the agricultural electricity for illegal use, or they have continued to run it illegally, and we certainly won’t be surprised if they are caught any moment.

MINE is a project that uses the supply gained from the token sales to construct an enormous Mining Farm, and the cryptocurrency attained from mining will be distributed, depending on the amount of the MINE Tokens, to the participants. The main machine for mining is the GPU, and firstly we are distributing the ethereum mining.

Furthermore, the MINE Project has raised 50 million dollars during private sales, therefore we are able to progress in the construction of the Mining Farm.

Our Mining Farm is located in the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region, where the strong electricity supply supports us. The area where our Mining Farm are seen present is supported by 3 strong power stations. Moreover, without the help of any outside power grids, it’s also completely possible to independently run our Mining Farm.

The first exclusive MINE Project farm has space for estimated 2500 GPU mining machines to fit, and there are high quality heat waste exhaustion facilities along with them. Moreover, we are still in the middle of constructing additional farms, where 50 thousand installation of mining machines are possible.

MINE uses better organization than that of usual mining and cloud mining. Firstly, the tokens are able to be freely bought and sold. Secondly, it automatically conducts re-investments, therefore new mining machines can constantly be purchased.

Usually if mining or cloud mining are conducted, it’s usually necessary to purchase mining machines at first. There will be profit finally after a year when collecting the investment returns. However, MINE is different from the usual mining systems, where if the participants have tokens, it is possible to freely purchase and sell them anytime. Just by owning MINE, the participants can freely choose from getting the cryptocurrency distributed, or they are freely allowed to sell the tokens.

In addition, MINE doesn’t force the distribution of the 70% of the cryptocurrency from mining, when instead the re-investment of the mining machine will be conducted. Because of this, the purchasing of the newest mining machine can be conducted, and if there are sometimes damages and change of trends, we are able to correspond to them and continue the developments. The rest of the 30% and 20% are distributed everyday, where 10% is the common property and kept by the financial institution outside.

(this is because of the ethereum and when it will move to PoS in the future, it is saved as our asset)

Please look at our MINE website or Whitepaper. You will be able to make sure that the project is kept going, and view the proof of the MINE potential while knowing and being able to feel how great it is. Furthermore, please don’t forget the social media of MINE and join us!

The token sale will be conducted from May 27th.

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