The Masternode Foundation Launches MANO, Its Exclusive Cryptocurrency

The Masternode Foundation Launches MANO, Its Exclusive Cryptocurrency

Since late 2017, several crypto specialists have been stating that masternode coins “will be huge in the upcoming years”.

After only five months into 2018, we can already see they were correct, masternodes are becoming the new mining.

Crypto investors are starting to realize that, by investing in masternodes, they are building a portfolio of passive income generating assets.

But there is a problem that is holding investors back.

Different coins have different technical requirements to run their masternodes and most investors don’t want to learn complicated Linux commands or have time to deal with Ubuntu Server’ security updates.

The Masternode Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its own cryptocurrency, MANO, which will be the exclusive currency accepted by all the Masternode Foundation services.

– MANO fair launching schedule:

– PRE-ANN on Bitcointalk: May 28th. read it here
– Website and Light Paper: May 30th.
– Github Code reveal: May 31st .
– Fair Coin Launch: Monday, June 4th, 2018 at 4pm UTC

– MANO Technical Specifications:

– Symbol: MANO
– Address Prefix: M
– Block Reward: 10 MANO
– Masternode Collateral: 1000 MANO
– Block Reward distribution: 5/5 ( 50% Miner / 50% Masternode )
– PoW Algorithm: Lyra2z
– Block time: 120 seconds
– Diff Retargeting: DGWv3
– Halving: 12 months
– P2P Port: 5982
– RPC Port: 5983
– Max Supply: 12,614,400 MANO
– Premine: 3%

About The Masternode Foundation:

– MANO Host:

An exclusive one-click masternode deployment and hosting platform where any investor will be able to click and launch a full masternode without previous linux command line or even wallet console knowledge.

– Automated Shared Masternode Service:

Shared Masternode Automated Platform which offers the possibility of joining
any coin shared masternodes automatically without waiting or interacting with anyone.

– Masternode Rankings:

Comprehensive masternode coins listing and comparison platform, featuring “Node Monitor” a masternode monitoring service app with live alerts.

– MANO Exchange:

A masternode coin exclusive exchange where masternode owners can receive
their rewards directly and trade them automatically if they choose to do so.

For further information regarding MANO, refer to the contacts listed below:

Contact Email Address
Supporting Link

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