The Masternode Foundation Helps Crypto Investors and Gives Back to Charity

The Masternode Foundation Helps Crypto Investors and Gives Back to Charity

The Masternode Foundation (MANO) is proud to announce that Charity: Water was the most voted non-profit organization by its community and as a result it received a 1 BTC donation.

This donation was pledged before MANO’s launch, on June 4th, and the core team asked its community on discord to suggest and vote for their favorite non-profit organization.

“We’re glad Charity: Water was chosen by the community; while the Masternode Foundation is focused on developing easy to use solutions for masternode investors, we will always support organizations that take care of underprivileged people around the world.”
– Kryptus, The Masternode Foundation’s Co-founder and Project Coordinator.

The donation transaction can be seen on the blockchain here:

Charity: Water official BTC address is 16mVKST2BekGWVFG13VrEBDsuiBGRTbc3v
Donations of any amount are welcome and greatly appreciated, always request their official BTC address before donating.

About the Masternode Foundation:

The Masternode Masternode Foundation launched MANO, its own cryptocurrency, last week and is focused on developing tools and easy to use solutions for masternode investors, such as:

– MANO Host, an exclusive one-click masternode deployment and hosting platform.

– Automated Shared Masternode Platform, featuring real time balance information, reinvestments and share withdrawals.

– Masternode Ranking, a comprehensive masternode coins listing and comparison platform.

– Node Monitor App, a mobile application to continually follow masternode status and portfolio.

– MANO Exchange, a masternode coin exclusive exchange.

Read more about The Masternode Foundation at

About Charity: Water:

Charity: Water invests the money it raises into organizations with years of experience to build sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world.

Their team works closely to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provides reports back to its donors.

Learn about their approach, the solutions they fund and their partners on the ground at

Contact Email Address
Supporting Link

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