“The Cold Wallet 2.0”? ELLIPAL Launches Mobile-oriented Cold Wallet for Cryptocurrency

ELLIPAL Launches Mobile-oriented Cold Wallet for Cryptocurrency

Most of today’s cold wallets are storage oriented and PC connected, providing little convenience but the risks still exist. Cryptocurrency owners are seeking the ideal secure wallet on the market. For them, the ideal would be a secure daily trading tool that is mobile-oriented, fully featured and multi-currency supporting. Security, functionality, and usability are becoming the defining features of the next generation cold wallets.

A group of talented blockchain experts from Hong Kong has officially launched a new wallet that ticks all the boxes above. It’s a mobile-oriented, fully featured cold wallet that supports trading, named ELLIPAL. This is the start of the next generation cold wallet, replacing the old storage-oriented and PC connected products. The Cold Wallet 2.0 will become the essential tool for all cryptocurrency traders.

ELLIPAL – The Cold Wallet 2.0, Connecting all Individuals to the Blockchain Safely and Conveniently

The name ELLIPAL comes from ‘Elli’- Elliptic Curve Algorithm (the core technology of today’s cryptocurrencies ) and ‘Pal’- partner.

ELLIPAL provides users with a one-stop mobile digital asset management service based on the secure cold wallet technology. ELLIPAL is dedicated to connect every user to the blockchain.

ELLIPAL – The Cold Wallet 2.0 Features

1. An isolated piece of hardware to ensure the safety of cryptocurrency.

ELLIPAL is a cold wallet. It’s isolated from any Internet connection such as 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. The only way to exchange information between the wallet and the ELLIPAL mobile App is through QR codes.

2. One-stop Mobile App, especially supports cryptocurrency exchange and trading

ELLIPAL App provides all the functions that users need. In the App, users can look up market quotes and read news, make exchanges and payments, and connect with other DApps. Currently ELLIPAL is in cooperation with decentralized exchange protocols including LRC.

3. Unique cross-chain wallet protocol, supports multi-cryptocurrency and multi-chain

ELLIPAL has created an universal OCCW (Open Cross Chain Wallet) protocol which allows our wallets to support multi-chain account systems and be multi-cryptocurrency ready. We believe this protocol will enable more devices to become multi-functional wallets, thus makes Blockchains more accessible to average users.

4. Ready for the future of business world.

Today’s cryptocurrency ecosystem is proliferating fast. Multi-currency is the norm of the future. ELLIPAL’s wallet solution can make exchange easy or even transparent for both paying customers and merchants. We can become the bridge between them and bring value for both.

Company name: ELLIPAL

Company site: www.ellipal.com



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