Techtradecoin – Decentralized Apps in Service of Hospitality, E-commerce and Real Estate Techtradecoin – Decentralized Apps in Service of Hospitality, E-commerce and Real Estate

Techtradecoin project is the world first platform that is transforming its intrinsic infrastructure to decentralized blockchain-based Apps. In fact, available infrastructure such as e-commerce, service of hospitality, real estate is strong basic of the outburst of Techtradecoin. Consequently, users can totally believe in our such project and its development capacity.

Techtradecoin would lay a foundation and ecosystem, where we foresee massive growth and potential not just for 1 or 2 years from now, but for decades into the future. Infocash is leading the way in innovation and will be changing the economic social landscape of digital media and communications worldwide.


We have contemporarily worked hard to develop several ecosystems in this project in order to grow the community and make TEC stronger day by day.

TecLending is a investment channel which pays daily profit to investors with interest change related to trading bot and volatility software.

TecExchange is a place for trading and coins converting. The platform is protected from hackers and upgraded regularly to provide the best experience for its users.

TecWallet, one of the best secure e-wallet where investors can store their TEC and other coins, send and receive cryptpcurrencies instantly, rewards mannual interest as a mark of appreciation for your trust in our project.

TecNews, a channel where updates lastest news related to cryptocurrency market, blockchain, fintech, etc.

TecApp includes hospitality service, e-commerce and real booking system which are integrated Blockchain in data storing and AI technology in voting evaluating.

ICO and token

TEC is presentative coin of Techtradecoin project which will be used as payment unit among the infrastructures. TEC is also a potential coin which is planned to be listed on many exchange trading floor following the project’s road map.

ICO will be organized by auction from Jan 26, 2018 to Mar 16, 2018 with start price of $0.5. For more information, visit a website.




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