Taklimakan Network to Become Popular Resource for Cryptocurrency Trading and Investments

block.news Taklimakan Network to Become Popular Resource for Cryptocurrency Trading and Investments

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is on everyone’s lips and the crypto community is growing from day to day. More and more people are joining the crypto world with the hope of getting quick money. However, there are a few of them, who can identify promising coins, invest in successful blockchain start-ups and trade by getting a stable capital gain. This is happening due to the newcomers’ lack of experience and education in crypto market. Nevertheless, there are many resources for trust management, trading signals and analytics but most of them provide bad-quality service or even do scam. To solve this problem, experts from China, Russia and Kazakhstan have jointly created the Taklimakan Network.

Taklimakan platform is aimed to empower and attract amateur investors by providing them with new tools and great knowledge base. Experienced traders and analysts will be encouraged to share their experience and help newcomers in order to become more efficient in personal fund management. Some Taklimakan
Innovations will seem new and exciting even to the gurus of investment world because it aims to interconnect social networks, investments, blockchain, and create a unique and efficient fund management experience for everyone.

«Taklimakan Network will become one of the most popular resource for successful cryptocurrency trading and investment. This is a really useful product for the whole crypto community» says Rashid Yussup, co-founder of the startup.

The platform provides all the necessary tools for successful investment and education in the cryptoindustry.

Trading tools

Trading signals, strategies, and recommendations from professional traders sent exclusively to platform users. Users make a personal decision on the cryptocurrency trade based on the experts’ recommendations.

Investment pools

Investment portfolios formed by experienced managers and selected on the basis of platform recommendations and user voting ratings. Anyone can make a contribution to trust management, with the purpose of increasing capital.


Analytical reviews of the crypto asset market and reports on blockchain projects prepared by experienced experts and sent to the platform users. Based on the reviews, users can find the most profitable and correct investment solution.

Education materials

Blockchain technology knowledge library for beginners and experts with constant updates and additions. Open source books, articles and other materials to improve the level of proficiency.

Crowd predictions

Forecasting cryptocurrencies exchange rates behavior and other analytical statements based on the derivation of the mean value from the collection of data on the responses of all participants. A unique tool for making decisions in independent trading or investing.

“Within next 5 years we are planning to attract more than 1,000,000 platform users. It won’t be a challenge, considering that with development of blockchain technologies grows the crypto market. It is also worth noting that the project is aimed at the audience of the whole World. » says Yong Ming Hong, co-founder of the Taklimakan Network.

There are many advantages for ordinary users and experts as the only ones with the best recommendations and predictions are on top of the rating system, so the rest of users can determine trustworthy and reliable experts with accurate predictions.

Each user of the platform will be motivated to perform certain actions, receiving are ward in the form of the ecosystem tokens.

TKLN token will be supported by constant stream of revenue from Taklimakan platform. Platform paid services will be priced in fixed amounts of USD and can be purchased for amounts of TKLN equivalent to USD prices according to current exchange rates. Portion of paid services payments will be spent to pay service providers such as analysts, traders, signal providers, etc.

Taklimakan Network’s Bounty-campaign has already started.

Pre-sale starts on December 12th, 2017 at 10:00 UTC, where investors can purchase tokens with a 50% discount.

Taklimakan network – your personal cryptomarket-compass!






Company name: Taklimakan Network

Company site: www.taklimakan.io

Email: info@taklimakan.io

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