Swift GPI Award Winner Partners With Morpheus Network, The World’s Top Global Trade Blockchain Solution

Swift GPI Award Winner Partners With Morpheus Network

One month after the completion of its successful token sale, global supply-chain disrupter Morpheus.Network has announced that is has partnered with award-winning payment processing platform, AccessPay.

Morpheus.Network was founded from the logistical issues that surround international trade. Cross border logistics, currency conversion, red tape and language barriers are just a few examples that lead to numerous and costly inefficiencies. It is little wonder that the World Economic Forum estimates that reducing barriers to international trade could increase the world’s GDP by 5% and boost total trade by almost 15%. In monetary terms, this equates to a figure of over 2 trillion dollars per annum.

Morpheus.Network has begun building a blockchain based platform that utilizes cryptocurrency and smart contracts to disentangle the knots in the global supply chain.

With Morpheus.Network, the piles of paperwork required to transport shipments from one corner of the world to the other – translated and verified, stamped by one authority, translated and forwarded to the next authority, stamped again and so on – can exist in smart contract form on its innovative network, which has been developed with the input of the world’s leading shipping, customs and banking firms.

But Morpheus.Network isn’t just about cutting down on paperwork. It is also a fully developed payment platform designed to execute large money orders to over 1600 banks internationally. Powering this system is the MORPH Token, which will be required to gain access to the Network, and will facilitate instantaneous international payments around the world. Morpheus.Network’s partnership with AccessPay, recent winners of the SWIFT Global GPI Industry Challenge, represents a vital step forward along the road to the radical transformation of global shipping and supply logistics.

AccessPay is one of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies, having increased its revenue by 497% over the past four years. It already provides payment services to Stena Line, one of the world’s largest ferry operators, and AA, Britain’s largest motoring organisation.

AccessPay’s partnership with Morpheus.Network is a game-changer for global shipping and supplies, and has the potential to radically improve how goods are transferred; scaling back inefficiencies, saving money and bolstering economic growth in the process. With AccessPay’s ample skill and experience, the smooth implementation of Morpheus.Network’s payment system is assured.

Now is the time to get involved! MORPH Tokens will be available to buy and exchange from the end of May on leading exchange services HitBTC, Bancor, TopBTC, LiveCoin, EtherDelta, LAToken, and IDEX.

Company name: Morpheus Network

Company site: morpheus.network

Company contacts: Noam Eppel

Company email: noam@morpheus.network

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