Sure Mining, Worth Investing! Sure Mining, Worth Investing!

Ice Rock Mining (IRM) offers the most efficient and profitable way of mining crypto-currencies; the first mining farm inside the cave. Its site and technology make it possible to achieve the unique crypto-currency mining that gives a perfect opportunity for all miners and investors.

Remember the guys who were going to mine in the Soviet bunker? Confidently, they believed that mining in this former Soviet military bunker is perfect. Considering the project’s strategic location with a maintained 12 degree Celsius temperature ideal for mining, thus, it will be zero cooling cost. The cheaper power supply also has a big advantage for the project that will result in higher profit and lesser expenditure.

There were a lot of doubters and see what happen right now? Doubters are turning to be supporters at the moment. It is good to doubt but the process should not stop there, you must seek the truth. We’re glad that doubters found the truth behind this project and understand the purpose and relevance of it; the reason why we are now on the same side. So, if you are still doubting IRM, you should do the same process. Seek the truth. Have your research, read our whitepaper and participate in forums until you set your final verdict and let’s see if you’ll still doubt or support IRM.

Watch the video on YouTube. It would be very helpful if you watch the video uploaded to YouTube to further understand the project. You can also see it on their website at It explains the basic concept of the project and its advantages, presents a visual illustration of the site and elucidates the technology used in it.

They actually start the project and begun to order equipment from Bitmain. The project is already started and still on the process of solidifying structure and technology. Evidently, the roadmap of the project is executed accordingly. In fact, the CEO of Ice Rock Mining, Malik Murzashev went in Hong Kong with Bitmain to secure further access to purchasing more of their mining equipment. This coming day, expect to see the installation of the equipment purchased from Bitmain as the delivery is scheduled mid-November this year.

It will be very unfortunate if you miss this ICO. Miners and investors should not miss this extraordinary opportunity to become part of this unique project- the Ice Rock Mining. Whereas, capital costs for mining the crypto-currency are reduced by 25% making mining more efficient and economical resulting to optimal returns and sustained progress.

Engineering work is on the project. Among the various methods of mining crypto-currency, Ice Rock Mining chose cloud mining services that offer an average of 20-35% cheaper than the average market prices due to the extremely low cost of the farm maintenance. Participating in this project is absolutely worth it because the lower the maintenance cost, the higher the returns.

IRM token is called ROCK token, an Ethereum Token (ERC-20) that gives the right to purchase the IRM capacity according to the pricing plan provided in the section Pricing Plans in our Whitepaper and in the website at During the ICO payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will be accepted and the price per token will vary depending on the date of acquisition. Purchasing token is your key to making your way in the IRM world; to make and feel the best out of it.

Do not miss the ICO. You still have a chance to join the main ICO until November 8, 2017. Grab it before you miss it. For more exciting facts you may visit their website at and follow their social media accounts. You may also read the first article about this project here for more information and background.

Company name: Ice Rock Mining

Company site:


Company contacts: @dias1990 ICO manager (telegram)

Tel: +77073030310 (WhatsApp, Skype)

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