Strengthening the Spread: ETHOS Now Live on Nitrogen Network

Strengthening the Spread: ETHOS Now Live on Nitrogen Network

Token of, a leading cryptocurrency wallet provider and Blockchain Financial Services (BFS) platform, has been officially listed on Nitrogen Network, a new decentralized peer-to-peer crypto lending network.

Nitrogen Network enables market participants to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies on their own terms, all while maintaining control of their holdings and private keys. This supports effective portfolio management and a diverse range of investment views across a wide variety of crypto assets.

NItrogen also aims to become a leading liquidity provider to the market, and stimulate cryptocurrencies turnover and appreciation, which is vital for the markets’ leading startups and tokens.

By listing the ETHOS Token on the Nitrogen Network, a broader audience will be introduced to Ethos, in turn, allowing Ethos to continue to grow their community, while giving them the opportunity to earn interest through lending their stakes of crypto or to raise liquidity against the collateral of their crypto holdings.

“We are greatly excited about the opportunity to have our token listed on Nitrogen. Through this opportunity, we hope to introduce Nitrogens existing users to Ethos and the Universal Wallet, while introducing our community to the Nitrogen Network. This collaboration will also enhance the power of the Ethos Token, through increasing its liquidity and empowering more people to feel comfortable with maintaining self-custody of their assets.”  as stated by Amateo Ra, Executive Marketing Director of Ethos.

About PTE LTD:

Ethos is a leading cryptocurrency services provider that is building a bridge between the blockchain and existing financial institutions and systems. The Ethos Universal Wallet enables anybody to simply and securely store, track, send and receive their crypto assets for free. The Universal Wallet is decentralized, with consumers creating and owning their own private SmartKeys that secure personal digital vaults. The Universal Wallet is built on Bedrock, a foundation platform that abstracts and makes blockchains more accessible, secure and compliant for both people and financial institutions. Ethos has built a blockchain dream team of financial and technology executives. Ethos is headquartered in Singapore with a global presence and community. Learn more at

About ETHOS token:

ETHOS is a Utility Token empowering holders users with enhanced features and functionalities in their Universal Wallet app, now live in iOS and Android App Stores. Ethos recently announced they will be teaming up with Voyager to offer cashback for token holders that choose to trade through Voyager’s commission-free crypto trading platform. The Ethos token will also be used on the platform to access various features and pay fees, including API calls to Bedrock and for various financial services.

About Nitrogen:

Nitrogen is the new decentralized peer-to-peer crypto lending network, based on the Ethereum smart contracts. It allows the crypto community to earn interest by lending current holdings in a secure way or borrow required assets in order to raise liquidity or to sell short. Users can already operate with Ether and ERC20 tokens. The number of supported assets will increase soon.

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