StreamDesk Starts the 2 Phase of ICO And Offers to Test Beta-Version

StreamDesk Starts the 2 Phase of ICO And Offers to Test Beta-Version

Cryptocurrency trading completely free of intermediaries will be very soon available with the advent of StreamDesk Service. A beta-version of the decentralized platform based on the smart-contract architecture will be launched on June 25 along with the phase #2 of its ICO campaign, the project’s team reveals. According to the announcement, early birds will be able to use the service free of commission.

StreamDesk is a decentralized platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat money, based on the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems. It allows users to trade without intermediaries, guarantees fair deals and security.

Developers are going to supplement a basket with a number of altcoins. The negotiations about their addition are close to completion, the team reveals.

“We are currently working at connecting major payment systems for easy of use. Negotiations are underway”, Vladislav Kuznetsov, Streamity CEO and Founder, says.

First time, no commissions will be implemented within the system, so that early birds will be able to take advantage of the platform free of charge.

All it takes is just to enter the blockchain wallet address. Once done, the following process is automated with no third-party service to transfer cryptocurrency or check user’s balance. The currency, both crypto and fiat, is never stored within the platform, so this guarantees safe custody.

Streamity took into account the mistakes made by developers of the already existing P2P-services, such as violation of the core idea of decentralization and vulnerability of user’s accounts, which are often targeted by hackers. The smart-contract technology makes the process secure and instantaneous.

In addition to currently existing features, Streamity has also launched free educational webinars and presented its new regular column, “Development Update.”

In the run-up to the second stage of its ICO, the project has 20 mln tokens sold up and over 3.000 people already joined the project. The total contribution to StreamDesk accounts for $ 4.2 mln.

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