Stratis Target Business Adoption by Becoming Microsoft Partner

Stratis Target Business Adoption by Becoming Microsoft Partner

Stratis Group Ltd joins Microsoft’s ISV Program as a Silver Partner

Stratis Group Ltd is now a certified Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV). This huge step forward for Stratis was announced on Oct. 24. The ISV Silver Partner certification will gain them business and technical benefits with Microsoft giving their certified partners access to marketing and development resources to help make their businesses a success.

Stratis already has applications available on the Azure Marketplace (Microsoft’s cloud marketplace) including their ICO Platform and the Stratis C# Full Node. This partnership is about getting those apps in front of customers.

The Azure Marketplace gives app and service providers access to 120,000 Enterprise customers and 800,000 ecosystem partners in 190 countries. With Microsoft’s help, partners can ensure that their products are getting the reach they deserve.

“With over 1 million active users, the marketplace generates over 100,000 leads to partners every month.”

Microsoft ISV Program

As a part of the ISV certification, Stratis will receive benefits including marketing and development support. Microsoft help to guide customers to their partners by giving them access to resources that will allow them to increase exposure for their products with Microsoft’s Go-To-Market Services.

This comes at a critical time for Stratis as the services which constitute the core Stratis Platform, including smart contracts, sidechains and the enterprise-focused Stratis DLT, are set to be released in the next few months. It is also interesting to note that Stratis Group Ltd are the first blockchain company with their own cryptocurrency to partner with Microsoft in this way.

The accreditation is indicative of the relationship that Stratis has with the .NET Framework, the software framework developed by Microsoft. Stratis is the first and only cryptocurrency with full nodes built from the ground up in C# meaning that applications built using the Stratis Platform are a part of the .NET ecosystem. This partnership is a natural next step for Stratis if it is going to make the most of its position within Microsoft’s software environment.

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