Storiqa Helps Small Business to Boost Sales All Over the World in One Hour Storiqa Helps Small Business to Boost Sales All Over the World in One Hour

Marketplace based on the blockchain is aimed to help small-scale produces to enter international markets without barriers.

There were some online marketplaces, saying that they will accept the cryptocurrency. As a result, everyone expected great changes in commerce but there are no movement still. Storiqa is the first one, which already plans to do it and even makes its first steps in this direction. Storiqa is a multi-currency platform, which means that members can use a different type of fiat and digital currencies within the one ecosystem.

What is Storiqa?

Storiqa is the new generation platform, featuring all the necessary tools for creating and developing online shops. Unlike similar projects, Storiqa is powered by Blockchain and use smart contracts. This innovation differs Storiqa from other e-commerce platforms. Manufacturers don’t have to spend too a lot of money and resources just to create e-shop.

Using Storiqa, sellers will be able to set up an online store in 60 minutes and immediately start trading. The platform allows the vendor to monitor the customers’ activity and optimize his page according to the clients’ needs. Besides, there are different features which make Storiqa unique marketplace:

  • Support 24/7 in 8 languages helps to find out answers to all questions at any time.
  • Affiliate marketing tools attract traffic owners and at the same time help seller to increase sales and provide buyers with reviews in different languages.
  • Transparent review system ensures fair trading for all participants.
  • Multicurrency wallet gives the most cost-efficient choice in terms of transactions.
  • Goods localisation and international marketing help to present goods all over the world according to market peculiarities.

Storiqa and digital currency

There is also an internal token, issued special by Storiqa – STQ. It is made according to all the Blockchain standards and supposed to be the main currency within the marketplace. Customers can buy items with STQ and it due to low transaction fees, it will be beneficial both for buyers and sellers. The token’s cost will rapidly increase together with community growth.

In order to speed up the community development, the founders of Storiqa organized different bonus program during ICO. Here is the timeline, showing the fate of token:

  • The basic token’s cost 0.0036$
  • 1 week (28.11-5.12) – token’s cost 0.003 (20% bonus)
  • 2 week (5.12-12.12) – token’s cost 0.00313 (15% bonus)
  • 3 week (12.12-19.12) – token’s cost 0.00327 (10% bonus)
  • 4 week (19.12-26.12) – token’s cost 0.0034 (5% bonus)
  • 5 week, last 3 days, finish line – token’s cost 0.0036 (without bonus)
  • + bonuses from the amount of purchases during all the ICO:
  1. from 1 500 000$ +20% tokens
  2. from 1 000 000$ +15% tokens
  3. from 300 000$ +10% tokens
  4. from 200 000$ +8% tokens
  5. from 150 000$ +5% tokens
  6. from 100 000$ +2% tokens

Company name: Storiqa

Company site:

Company contacts: Anastasia Taved, PR Coordinator


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