StarChain – Reshaping the Entertainment Industry Using Blockchain StarChain – Reshaping the Entertainment Industry Using Blockchain

Benefit from policy, internet and funding, the Chinese Culture & Entertainment industry is currently booming with the expectation of beating North American market. Amid the dizzying boom, global leading artists from Taylor Swift to Ian Somerhalder are trying to attract more Chinese audiences by setting up a Sina Weibo account. This is still not enough to help them build a great connection with fans considering the fact that their Weibo accounts are actually in the charge of Chinese managers. How can celebrities reach out to their overseas fans directly without a third-party? How can fans give more support to their idols without an agent? That’s how StarChain enters the picture.

What is StarChain?
StarChain is one-of-a-kind entertainment blockchain platform that aims to gather idols, playwrights, filmmakers, production companies and fans in the same ecosystem. StarChain covers such services as copyright marks, IP projects, global IP equity exchanges, global distribution of IP derivatives, content platforms. The public chain will integrate the IP copyright, developers, and traders to create an IP asset exchange where all users can invest and trade.

Why the StarChain token?
The total volume of StarChain token is 1,000 million, of which 50% wilL be allocated to angel investors and ICO investors, 20% will be kept to the StarChain team for sustainable development and the rest 30% will be used for marketing and operation. The token growth is supported by constant demand on it.

XingZhuYe (literally Webpage of Stars), the first application on StarChain, offers users a clear guidance on the stars and projects at the platform. If you see great potential in a celebrity or a project, you can invest StarChain tokens in them, and gain dividends and profits when the project is successfully hatched. If you are a common person who has a great idea but with no resources, you can raise tokens at the platform and withdraw them to turn your idea into a reality.

Who is behind StarChain?

The StarChain team represents one of the earliest entertainment companies in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Liang Yu, CEO of the company, is an influential public figure in the Chinese entertainment industry who is also an advisor for multiple blockchain investment funds in China. The company covers services from film producing to artists training. 332 films have so far been produced by the company with the joint hands with famous directors and actors both at home and abroad.

Back in 2016, the team produced the first feature film about Bitcoin in China—Bitcoin Storm, but failed to launch because State Administration of Radio,Film and Television defined it as “politically sensitive”. This January, the company invited famous Hong Kong star Simon Yam to attend the 2018 Finwise Blockchain Summit, which caused a real social sensation. In the coming months the company is to hold diverse cultural activities like The Rap of China.

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