SoPay App Released, Offering Fast Transactions and SoPay’s Assets Mining (SAM)

SoPay App Released, Offering Fast Transactions and SoPay’s Assets Mining (SAM)

SoPay, the blockchain-based payment platform with a disruptive approach to the money market, today announced the achievement of another milestone in its roadmap; the release of the SoPay app. The startup believes that the app is the missing puzzle of mass adoption of the cryptocurrencies.

This development comes quickly in the heels of another milestone that saw SoPay land in three significant exchanges in mid-July 2018. The app became ready for download at 2100 (+8 GMT) from August 6, 2018. Check the official download page.

The official version of the app improves the operating experience of payment products that are based on the blockchain.

User-Friendly Interface and True Use
The SoPay app is clean and concise and allows users to access all the services by just registering with their mobile numbers and a 6-digit password. Also, it is easy to recharge fellow users’ accounts. All a user need is the recipient user’s mobile phone. This new app eliminates the need for elaborate recharge processes such as copying complicated addresses that is the norm in blockchain payment platforms. Most importantly, use of the app attracts zero handling fee.

Users experience the same ease when withdrawing cash. Also, the platform offers a subsidized rate that is considerably lower compared to other peer platforms. SoPay wants to support transactions of different digital assets, enable direct transactions involving digital assets on one side, and goods or services from traditional enterprise on the other side, and assist cross-platform transactions.

Innovative Mining Model
Aside from deposit, locking assets and making payments, SoPay users can create an additional revenue stream by inviting their friends to mine on the platform. The SoPay platform’s deposit lock mining supports both SOP tokens as well as ETH.

Technically, SoPay’s mining model, complete with its invite feature, isn’t a promotion. Instead, it is a strategy that gives users a chance to survive effects of the bear market by generating passive income. For instance, a user that has the app running every day doing payments, transfer or referring friends can earn up to 16.5% of his or her annual returns in mining revenue alone.

Initial Priority in the Gaming Scene
SoPay intends to revolutionize how humankind interacts with and uses cryptocurrencies. However, it is starting with the online gaming industries by providing the involved companies with digital asset payment alternative. Players now have the option of paying for the in-app purchases using digital assets, and all these transactions can be undertaken efficiently from the SoPay app.

The start-up believes that this strategy is the foolproof method of gaining a foothold of the 200 million customers that shall use crypto by 2020.

Some of the games already supported by the SoPay platform include Take the Divide and The Last Three Kingdoms, as well as Grab a doll.

Presently, SoPay has an API, SoAPI that targets game developers. Its user-friendly nature means that developers need not have any deep understanding of the blockchain technology. Instead, all they need is familiarity with the regular internet payment interface.

SoPay estimates that adopting this convenient payment method will save the gaming industry millions of dollars they would have used to develop in-house payment gateways. Already, more than 40 gaming entities have shown interest in working with SoPay, a figure that represents more than 20 million customers from the online gaming sphere.

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