Social Messaging App DappGram Launches in New York

Social Messaging App DappGram Launches in New York

DappGram, a Telegram-like app used in blockchain field was launched in New York, attracting much attention of the regional blockchain players. Users in all regions of the world can use it for unobstructed communication. Unlike Telegram, it has functions such as wallet, quotes and transactions besides chatting. Users can monitor real-time market transactions while chatting with various project communities.

Creators of DappGram believe that the major pain point in blockchain field is the asymmetrical information exchange between blockchain companies and users. DappGram will break this boundary, and users can register with just the telephone numberW without complicated mnemonics. DappGram provides full range service from information access to real time transaction.

According to DappGram project manager, “community+transaction” is not only a model innovation but also a renewed empowerment to the community. The community will be not only a social platform but also a micro-exchange encompassing all pieces of the blockchain ecology. Moreover, the right to make trading rules will be given back to the company side. DappGram has shown the potential to revamp the existent transaction landscape, representing the new model going forward.

Based on the Telegram super community, DappGram connects all aspects : wallet, transaction, and market. Users can do transactions and asset transfers while keeping an eye on community updates..

The world’s first community-based Exchange providing bespoke transaction model
DappGram’s biggest innovation compared to Telegram is that it gives the trading function back to the community. Each community becomes a micro-Exchange, and the company does not have to invest heavily in promotional activities prior to IPO. In this way, it brings the cost down significantly because as long as the company has its own community and been authorized to do trading it could start mining and better, it could define its own terms.

Potential linkage to multiple Exchanges, trading option stays with the user
DappGram is more than just a social-network-based Dapp. It is dedicated to grow into the largest and best-connected platform in blockchain world. It is in collaboration talks with many globally famous Exchanges in an attempt to save users the trouble of logging into the Exchanges with only one button click.

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