Smart Valley – A Digital Silicon Valley That Will Connect All ICO Market Players Smart Valley - A Digital Silicon Valley That Will Connect All ICO Market Players

The Ethereum-based Smart Valley platform will bring together ICOs, backers, and experts from across the globe, creating a unique and dynamic ecosystem.

Smart Valley developers call the new platform a digital Silicon Valley. The project will not only connect the main ICO market players, but also create a nurturing environment for each ecosystem participant to make an input in the blockchain industry development.

Thanks to Smart Valley, backers will be able to support the projects with the highest potential, while eliminating the risk of scams and fraud. Experts will get an opportunity to become part of a global professional community and act as advisors to cutting-edge projects, at the same time receiving rewards. Teams will be able to attract backers quickly and efficiently thanks to a specially designed mechanism, as well as attract high-profile consultants and contractors.

One of the key services offered by Smart Valley is its unique decentralized scoring system – its beta version is already available at the website. Independent experts score projects against a number of criteria, including the financial model, marketing strategy, founders’ experience, legal aspects, etc.

Projects can pay for scoring out of their own funds or apply for assistance to the Smart Valley Financial Center, which will be formed during the token sale. If a project’s application is approved, it will be included in the foster projects and receive the necessary financial aid to pay for the scoring. In exchange, the project will transfer a certain number of its tokens to the Smart Valley Free Token Place; the amount of tokens must be equivalent to the scoring fee times five. Tokens available at the Free Token Place will be distributed among SVT token holders for free via a special allotment procedure.

SVT tokens act as the only gateway to the Free Token Place. Thus, the main function of the SVT token is to give its holders access to free foster project tokens at the Free Token Place. The SVT emission is limited.

Smart Valley founders stress that the young and dynamic cryptomarket urgently requires a transparent and reliable system of project assessment. According to a study done by Satis Group, only 8% of ICO projects get listed at a digital exchange and obtain a chance to trade their tokens, meaning that the remaining 92% are essentially scams. In this context, it is essential for backers to be able to differentiate between the good projects and the bad, learning from others’ mistakes when possible.

Smart Valley aims to build a decentralized community of crypto experts that will rebuild trust in ICOs and rid the crypto industry of scams. The success of Smart Valley is based on its innovative idea, hi-tech solutions, and mass support of its users.

The Smart Valley token sale, which started on May 14, is the first ICO of a Russian project conducted in full compliance with the Swiss law. Switzerland is the first Western European country to develop a clear legal framework for ICOs. By the start of the ICO, Smart Valley had already accumulated over $100 million worth of preliminary token requests.

The token sale started at 3 pm GMT on May 14 and will last for 60 days or until the $60 million hard cap has been reached. At the moment of publication, the token sale is ongoing. Contributions are accepted in  ETH, BTC, USD, CHF, EUR.

Further information about Smart Valley, its SVT token and the ICO can be found at the official site.

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