Seele: Build the Value Network of Blockchain 4.0 by Destruction and Universality

On January 24th, local time, Dr. Bi, the CEO of Seele attended the Second legendary debate called Digital Impact across Value Chains in Davos, Switzerland. Dr. Bi introduced the Seele project on cooperation, and he said Seele is a technology eco-system that bold to explore the forefront technology, which is blockchain 4.0. Seele has a cooperative partnership with the core team of UCL CBT(University College London Centre of blockchain Technology), researchers, scientists and engineers from the United States and the Asia Pacific.

The innovation of the blockchain technology brings three significant impacts to the world: equality, openness, and transparency. In 1440, what made the knowledge explosion and changed the relationship between the human education and ideological system is the emergence of the Gutenberg printing, which was a revolution of communication. Likewise, the blockchain technology managed to distribute power from the core to margin by using modern information technology. Seele is bringing forward innovation theory and a technical solution for real demand in the internet industry – which might be the first to provide an appropriate solution for motivating the enthusiasm and potential of innovators.

Destruction brings innovation. Seele believes that blockchain technology has aimed at creating a new platform that provides the purpose of sufficient and large-scale secure collaboration between individuals and large organizations since it has been discovered. However, the existing public blockchains represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced the same issue: the more nodes, the less efficient. Seele proposed a novel Neural Consensus algorithm that provides remarkable upward scalability, I.e., performance and convergence speed increases with numbers of nodes. Preliminary results proved that in a network with 100k nodes, the transaction speed is estimated to reach 100k TPS, and the confirmation delay is in second.

Universality leads application. Seele believes that another significant issue for business collaboration is to provide a universal tool for multi-industry and cross-domain applications. The new internet of value is composed of various blockchains from the worldwide, and each blockchain and subnet offers the same or different business and services. Therefore, providing a cross-chain access ability for changed blocks will be the most beautiful mind to both the stability of the network operation and value transmission. Another innovative architecture that Seele Tech proposed is Heterogeneous Forest Network (HFN). IN an HFN, each chain will provide the smallest amount of services that are relevant to the business logic involved, and each cohesive service runs in separate chains, which bridges the real world and the digital world. The advantage of this design not only ensures security isolation and resource optimization but also provides cross-chain access ability to allow value transmission between various chains.

As the most ‘destructive spiritual’ blockchain ecosystem, Seele extends and improves the current application and efficiency of the blockchain technology. Seele aims to be the real industrial application based on blockchain 1.0 (e.g., Bitcoin), blockchain 2.0 (e.g., Ethereum) and blockchain 3.0 (e.g., EOS, Dfinity, and Cosmos). Meantime, Seele is bold to explore the forefront technology, which is blockchain 4.0.

Seele’s public blockchain technology has become mature and made significant progress after successfully carried out preliminary tests with large-scale nodes under various application scenarios. Seele will continuously carry out academic research, technical cooperation and open source the core code by cooperating with internationally established blockchain organizations and laboratories to compose the innovation and universality by developers. Seele will stick to 5-Open principles: Open Science, Open Access, Open Source, Open Data and Open application.

Seele believes that everything is void, and the rights come from the DATA.

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