Say STOP to Scam or New Tools Against Cheating Say STOP to Scam or New Tools Against Cheating

Over the past of 2017, there appeared a huge amount of SCAM ICO. Many ICO participants, investing their funds in the first days of the start of the Crowdsale, irretrievably lost their funds, by looking at the beautiful ICO packaging. The majority of SCAM projects caused distrust even at the stage of the primary location of the tokens, but already invested people could not do anything about it.

But the project team “Service AIDA” knows what to do!

ICO AIDA SERVICE has started on the 4th of  January 2018. It could be ordinary as dozens of previous ICOs, but it has its own characteristics. First of all, it is a P2P service with complex automation of sales of goods and services, which will be able to unite millions of companies into one network. Secondly, ICO is carried out using a smartcontract, which allows you to return funds to the investor.

  • The return procedure is done according to the recommendations of the Community Ethereum, but based on the resources of the smart contract. Link to github.
  • There are extensive comments in the text of the contract itself, as well as attached a technical description of the smart contract.
  • The second action was the removal of the limits of the amount of funds collected and the number of tokens issued. You might be wondering, why we did so and for what? It’s simple! This is necessary for the community to evaluate the project. Yes, the project costs exactly as much as the community will appreciate it with its investments!
  • The third step is to equate the value of the token to USD – for the least impact of the volatility of the rate of the Crypto currency. Do not believe that it does works? – Come on the Website. Try and you will see by yourself!

We did such a risky step with innovations because the AIDA team is fighting for transparency in sales, relationships and fulfillment of obligations.

Until now, in every “niche” there is an information counteraction, endless false promises, corruption, parasitism on “brands” and endless empty advertising. Do not you think that it’s time for all mankind to say- “Enough” to this situation in the world?

 AIDA team says “Enough!” Due to automation and blockchain-technology, we:

  • Removed intermediaries
  • Made a transparent production
  • True logistics
  • Ideal storage

And of course, the appreciably cheaper life for all of us! Yes, it will change the world economy, but judge for yourself, once it was difficult to imagine that you can fly, drive, communicate live at a great distance …

This service will bring to the world arena a new breath of fresh air, which everyone so lacks.

Change your life!

Join us!

With love and care, AIDA.

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