Saturn Network Launch First Decentralized Exchange On ETC

Saturn Network Launch First Decentralized Exchange On ETC

Saturn Network successfully launched Radex Classic today bringing the first decentralized exchange to Ethereum Classic network. After releasing Saturn Wallet earlier this week, a wallet that supports accessing decentralized applications both on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains from your browser, team Saturn went one step further with migrating Radex over to the ETC chain.

Radex is a zero fees uncensorable decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum tokens, it is the only DEX that supports ERC20 & ERC223 tokens, in fact, it has a very unique architecture that allows it to run completely on chain removing any need of overhead costs or centralization concerns. And now that very same exchange has been deployed onto Ethereum Classic. This is a crucial milestone for the future of both Ethereum Classic and Saturn Network’s project, as it centers around building a whole ecosystem of decentralized exchanges across multiple blockchains, with the team showing this week that they are capable of producing real technology across Ethereum & Ethereum Classic.

Providing Growth For Ethereum Classic

Furthermore, in doing so, team Saturn have opened up the doors for an immense opportunity of growth for Ethereum Classic. By providing a dApp browser and a decentralized exchange, they have single-handedly made ETC much more attractive for development teams to work on. Not only can pre-existing dApps on Ethereum like Radex simply be migrated over with the safety of knowing they will still be accessible and usable via Saturn Wallet, cryptocurrency startups and development teams also have the reassurance that their created tokens will be listable on Radex Classic and get instant liquidity. This puts ETC in a much healthier place by providing projects the confidence they will find users and investors to make their vision a success.

About Saturn Network

Saturn Network is a vision for a fairer and safer future of cryptocurrency trading, one that is run for the traders and by the traders and not controlled by centralized institutions. Their mission is to bring a decentralized exchange to every blockchain, and this is being done with shared ownership in mind, as every exchange will be governed by a DAO. By holding SATURN tokens you will be able to vote on binding changes to the protocol such as:

  1. Controlling the fees of the exchange.
  2. Decide if new tokens should be listed.
  3. Collectively invest in new crypto projects together.
  4. Receive a share of the profits in the form of dividends.

Additionally, team Saturn is shaking up the current landscape of cryptocurrency ICOs and showing the industry that there is a better way. They believe products should come first without any false promises, which is why their prototype Radex is now accessible on two blockchains and they have already released the first version of their wallet; all still during their crowdsale stage. For more information, please visit the site.

Company name: Saturn Network

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Company contact: Samuel Reason


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