Roger Ver Joins Blockchain Accelerator BlockChainWarehouse Roger Ver Joins Blockchain Accelerator BlockChainWarehouse

Roger Ver, founder of, and Mate Tokay join the advisory board of BlockChainWarehouse (BCW). To bring their insight and resources to help grow BCW and the companies that move through its’ accelerator program.

BlockChainWarehouse is an accelerator that helps take companies from an idea to their Token Sale. While providing legal counsel, access to expert advisors, marketing services, token sale platforms and aid with KYC/AML compliance. They want to change the way the world thinks about Blockchain, by ushering in a new era of companies adhering to a higher quality standard than the typical ICO.

Companies submit their idea on the BCW website and are automatically vetted through their proprietary valuation algorithm. After determining where the companies need support, BCW organizes and maintains all the necessities for the TGE, including driving interest to the TGE itself.

BCW has built a top-tier Board of Advisors: with the likes of Peter Levchenko (Megalodon Capital), Brian Kang (FactBlock), and now—Roger Ver and Mate Tokay. Towards the goal of bringing insight from the best and brightest in Blockchain to its clients.

Adrian Guttridge, CEO of BCW, expresses his excitement about the partnership with Ver and Tokay, “I am delighted that Roger and Mate have chosen to join BlockChainWarehouse as advisors. I know they have many many projects to choose from, and so it is fantastic that they recognize the value that we can bring to this marketplace, a market that is evolving at warp speed”.

BlockChainWarehouse has already helped generate $$$ millions for its clients and has several Token Sales launching throughout 2018.

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