Roger Ver Joins Azbit Crypto Exchange Advisory Board

Roger Ver Joins Azbit Crypto Exchange Advisory Board

We are elated to announce that Roger Ver, CEO of and Mate Tokay, COO of joined Azbit as our Advisors!

Apparently the subject on everyone’s mind today is “Roger Ver is planning to open his own cryptocurrency exchange”. The global crypto community of course took his statement seriously since “Bitcoin Jesus” has a good eye for the major upcoming industry trends.

This is an approach that Azbit fully supports: we firmly believe that the world needs a truly multi-functional, reliable, and functioning exchange. And that is what we are working on right now. We are sure that people should be able to get all the financial services they need in a single place. This is why Azbit is building blockchain banking together with an in-built multi-exchange and investment platform.

Azbit’s multi-cryptocurrency exchange is currently 80 percent ready. It is based on the Bitsane crypto exchange, which has been successfully operating since 2016 with more than $8,000,000 in daily transaction volume.

The official announcement of the partnership between Azbit and was made right on board at Blockchain Cruise 2018. After signing a document Roger Ver, CEO of, said: “We’re gonna to promote all Azbit products at so the whole world gets to know the great project that Azbit is building. They build platform, we promote it, the users come and everybody is happy!”

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver is billionaire, crypto enthusiast, investor, businessman, and one of the most influential people in the world of crypto and blockchain. He has recently participated in at least four ICOs as an advisor. All these projects have successfully raised the planned hard cap – from 15 to 50 million USD.

Roger Ver and Mate Tokay are always on top of things – сertainly, this was the beginning of our significant cooperation. Our advisors’ boundless knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain will raise Azbit project to the new level and offer our customers a truly great product.

The strongest aspects of the Azbit project:
Truly new idea of combining the most popular and in-demand financial services that currently exist separately.

Azbit AG (a joint-stock company) has been registered in Switzerland and thereby authorized to issue shares. It gives us the brilliant opportunity to issue tokenized shares during the crowdfunding campaign. AZ token holders will receive the dividends in this connection. Azbit will share 75% of the total platform’s fee; all payments (in AZ tokens) via airdrop will be made monthly. Income statements and audits will be published regularly on

Azbit has obtained a securities exemption from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. The project also has a Payment Institution license in the Czech Republic (in the E.U.)

Azbit had successfully finished Private sale and moved to the next level – Pre-ICO campaign is underway. Early investors can get the maximum bonus – up to 30%.

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