RightMesh and SingularityNET Foster Digital Inclusion with Mesh, AI and Blockchain

block.news RightMesh and SingularityNET Foster Digital Inclusion with Mesh, AI and Blockchain

Blockchain and Artificial intelligence (AI) are powerful tools being used to solve the world’s most difficult challenges.  Already, these technologies are changing the way much of the world works, communicates and accesses information. But, almost 4 billion people are being left behind.

These people, the majority of whom are in developing countries, face a basic and critical problem that isolates them from the benefits of such advancing technologies: connectivity. With 95% of all information in the world available in digital format, those who lack connectivity are already missing out on the economic, educational, health, and social advantages taken for granted in the developed world.

Now, with Machine Learning (ML) and other forms of AI ushering in a whole new era of technologically-driven change, two organizations have come together to ensure these currently underserved populations are included in our digital future.

SingularityNET, a decentralized AI network that integrates blockchain and diverse AI technologies, is on a mission to make AI accessible to the world; RightMesh, a mobile mesh networking protocol and platform which likewise integrates blockchain technology, is on a mission to connect the next billion users and lift 100 million people out of poverty.  Together, they have the potential to drive digital inclusion by making AI and ML accessible as a global common for all.

RightMesh is an example of a protocol and platform that combines mobile mesh networks and blockchain technology to enable applications that can connect even when there is a lack of traditional connectivity. With a simple SDK that can be embedded into new apps or retrofitted into existing apps, use cases range from emergency communication when central infrastructure is damaged or demolished to extending connectivity to remote regions. In exploring AI integration with SingularityNET, RightMesh will potentially be able to extend SingularityNET’s AI network to the currently unconnected world through its mesh networking platform. As stated in a recent press release announcing the collaboration, mesh-enabled AI applications could be used to track the spread of infectious diseases or warn people in remote communities about the probability of storms, floods, earthquakes, and other disruptive events.

By 2035, AI could double annual economic growth rates in developed economies; however, it is in developing countries where AI could be a matter of life or death.  As such, SingularityNET and RightMesh consider the exploration of their integration to be critical.

As the possibilities enabled by RightMesh and SingularityNET indicate, it’s the combination of emerging technologies that will ultimately have the greatest impact on people’s lives. In this case, the democratization of AI will be enabled through blockchain technology and mesh networking. Only the future will tell what other unimagined capabilities these technologies could give rise to when leveraged together.

To learn more about how to participate in the RightMesh public Crowd Contribution Period starting May 30th, please see the RightMesh TGE Web Page or join the official RightMesh Telegram Group.

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About RightMesh

RightMesh AG, a Swiss Company, is on a mission to bring connectivity to the next billion users by multiplying the combined power of blockchain, mesh networking, and its own RMESH tokens. RightMesh wireless networks are self-forming, self-healing, and self-regulating, using various technologies in existing smartphones and IoT devices rather than relying on traditional infrastructure and Internet Service Providers. RightMesh is a software-based mesh networking protocol that is ‘infrastructureless’ meaning it could be embedded into existing applications or used to build new mesh-enabled applications that do not require additional hardware or Internet connectivity to transmit data between people, applications, or devices over short distances. Initially, the RightMesh project was an internal project of Left, a Canadian-based multinational media and technology company with holdings in mobile and Internet-based businesses. Left is a certified B-Corp and RightMesh is governed by the same principles of using business as a force for good. Come participate in the RightMesh project at http://www.RightMesh.io.

This announcement does not constitute a prospectus of any sort; it is not a solicitation for investment and does not in any way pertain to an offering of securities in either Canada or the United States, and Canadian and United States residents are expressly excluded from contributing in exchange for any RightMesh Tokens in the public contribution period. This release constitutes a description of the RightMesh platform and the functionality of the RightMesh tokens; it is for informational purposes only and may change as the RightMesh technology develops over time.

Company name: RightMesh

Company site: http://www.RightMesh.io

Company contacts:

Dana Harvey, Chief Communications Officer: dana@rightmesh.io

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