rent24 Launches PRIMARY on the EOS Platform

rent24 Launches PRIMARY on the EOS Platform

Planned ICO volume of 500 million US Dollars

Berlin, July 11, 2018: rent24, a global coworking and coliving provider, is developing an EOS platform which allows users to connect, promote services, share knowledge, and apply for funding. The platform will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create synergies between users by analysing and matching their skills, proposing tasks and rewarding activity. These rewards can then be used for all goods and services offered by rent24 and its alliance partners, ranging from hotels and restaurants over shopping malls to car sharing.

Members of the global community will be fully connected – decentralised and completely transparent. The platform will also function as a form of blackboard, where tasks can be published within the community. These tasks will be claimed and completed by other members. Active users will not only be rewarded with tokens but also with a status, which will improve their positioning in the internal ranking system. This will unlock new possibilities, such as proposing funding for projects and startups within the network.

Robert Bukvic, founder and CEO of rent24, says: “All users have equal opportunities to use the platform – not only locally, but also globally. The level of reward that users send each other will be determined by the community itself. They determine what value to allocate to a service. Our Bricks & Clicks approach is creating a global community in its purest form by merging our physical locations with a decentralized digital platform.” Damian Leich, co-founder and CMO, adds: “Our platform functions as a link between the digital and the real world. Everybody can join, either as a member or as an alliance partner. It offers tangible benefits for every user.”

ICO for platform begins in August

rent24 is launching the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for the PRIMARY token on August 1. The objective is to achieve sales of 500 million US dollars. The number of coworking spaces worldwide almost doubled between 2015 and 2017 according to recent studies. rent24 will continue to expand internationally, the current 35 locations on three continents will grow to over 120 by the end of next year. Besides coworking and coliving spaces, the company operates several restaurant chains and a gym concept. For more information about the ICO, see

About rent24

rent24 is a global provider of coworking and coliving spaces. Members will find a community in which they can work, learn, share information and grow their business. With different restaurant chains and its own gym concept, the company provides a complete solution for all areas of life. rent24 currently has more than 35 locations on three continents (as of July 2018). In August, it is launching an ICO for its own blockchain platform. For further information visit and

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