Remco Launches Pre-ICO Token Sale – Parent Company Processed $700,000,000 in the Last 24 Months

Remco Launches Pre-ICO Token Sale is a tokenized money transfer platform with unparalleled speed.

The off chain version of Remco token is on a run rate of $20,000,000 by the end of 2018, and the solution is Jurisdiction and Money Transmission Flow Agnostic. Any money transmitter can use it.

Initial traffic will come from Remco’s corporate parent VTNGLOBAL and VTN which holds state money transmitter licenses in the USA and central Bank mobile payment operator and IMTO licenses in a country of 180 million

Remco solution is cost-effective, faster has the operational benefits of increased transparency, increased record security, and improved accuracy. COO Joel Patenaude said, “We will flip the switch and move existing transaction traffic to RemittanceTokens soon.”

Remco added three new advisors to their team a few months ago including:

Brent Segal Ph.D. Harvard (200 + patents)
Ty McCoy The Assistant Secretary of the Airforce (Retired) Investor
Moses Asom, Ph.D. (MBA Wharton, ) (Sold his Sychip company for $140m / several patents)

Led by CEO Peter Ojo who made it possible for subscribers to receive Western Union transfers into mobile wallet since 2013 and designed API for fund termination to 22 banks and billions of transactions monthly.

Remco ICO main sale begins December 1st

You can participate in Remco token sale at:

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